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In an age of instant gratification and information overload, it’s no surprise that people respond better with immediate contact after filling out a form on your landing page, inquired on your website,  or requested a demo. Ytel’s communications API can improve your response processes and in turn, conversions and sales.

The Internet has shortened our attention spans. In an age of instant gratification and information overload, it’s no surprise that leads respond better with immediate contact. Ytel’s communications API can improve your response processes and thus your conversions.

Did you know that an astounding 78% of sales go to the first responder to a lead? There’s significant power in being quick to respond. With the average first response time for B2B companies being 42 hours, it’s no wonder so many leads slip through the sales crack.


  • 37% of companies respond to leads within 1 hour
  • 24% of companies take more than 24 hours to respond
  • 23% of companies never respond

Don’t let this happen to you. Contact rates for leads drop significantly after just 5 minutes. Want to improve your response time and win more conversions? Consider the Ytel API.

Respond quicker to leads 

The Ytel API provides real-time communications in one easy-to-use platform, so users can integrate voice, messaging, email, and direct mail functionality with their existing web application.

From there, it’s easy to automate your channel responses to leads. When a lead fills out a web form, the API can send a personalized SMS or email prior to calling them. That’s more engagement than displaying a generic thank you page!

If the lead misses your initial call, don’t sweat it. Shoot an SMS or email asking when a better time to connect would be. What’s most important is keeping the conversation going.

Lead follow-up sits at a meager average of 1.3 times. HubSpot reports it can take as many as 10 touches to close a deal, sometimes more. The Ytel API provides users with methods to reach out quickly and continuously across multiple channels so you’re never abandoning leads.

The power of SMS

People carry their mobile devices everywhere, most of which are SMS-enabled. With initial open rates in the 98% range, and 90% opened within 3 minutesSMS has become the go-to channel for immediate communication.

The Ytel API not only provides mobile messaging capabilities, it also opens up additional opportunity for more timely contact. Did a lead just interact with your business? Shoot an SMS to your entire sales team within seconds to notify them.

For industries like real estate, this is a boon! It’s tough for agents to track calls and emails while in the field, but SMS goes straight to mobile. It’s easier than ever to receive real-time notifications of new leads and to shorten response time.

The API can be used to:

  • Generate a live call from a form fill or SMS
  • SMS upon the disposition of a call
  • Auto-respond with an SMS message based on a keyword (double opt in)
  • DIDs for mailers with ROI tracking and routing control
  • Respond to queue abandonment with an SMS

That’s not all. The API can be used to supplement cold calling and telemarketing efforts. Drop those hard-to-reach contacts a ringless voicemail through the API and watch your campaign conversion rates hit 20%.

Even direct mailers can generate new leads when combined with a short code keyword opt-in, landing page info, or a callback number. The Ytel API gives you the tools to start conversations and continue them across any channel.

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