Ytel Ops Sets Record-Breaking Onboarding Rate

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We're thrilled to share with our customers, partners, and friends that Q4 of 2016 was Operations most successful onboarding quarter in Ytel history, with 96% customers successfully onboarded! Read on to learn more about this exciting milestone and what else we're striving for this year to keep our customers happy and successful using Ytel products and solutions.


Kicking off 2017 with an exciting milestone like this one shows the dedication, motivation and support our entire Operations team exhibits on a day to day basis. They're here around the clock, ensuring our products and solutions are up and running smoothly. 96% is a huge number worth celebrating, and we're so proud of all their hardwork and dedication to the onboarding process that they've helped to implement and also carry out every day.

They balance this paramount task while managing several accounts each, all who have different goals and needs, and varying levels of urgency for each customer. There is a certain amount of stress that comes with the territory of working in Operations, and our team takes it all in stride and make it a priority to work together to meet their goals and more importantly, help our customers meet their goals. 

what's next for Operations in 2017?

  • Continue hitting goals in each quarter
  • Successfully onboarding new happy customers 
  • Train customers on the power of Ytel products and solutions 
  • Build our team along the way (we've hired two new employees this year!) 
  • Have a great department and a great year at Ytel! 

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Great job, Operations! We're proud to work with you. New Call-to-action

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