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    Prioritizing Customer Service Via Feedback

    If you’re a B2B or B2C operating-company, your business model should center around customer satisfaction and retention. We live in the Age of the Customer, and businesses have to adjust. Your customers exist at the pulse of your company, and it's imperative that you treat them accordingly. 


    What to Prioritize

    • Inspire your customers! By catering your messages through brand storytelling and evoking emotion, this will inspire them to become brand loyalists.
    • Implement a customer satisfaction survey, and send it to your customers throughout the various stages of the sales pipeline. This valuable data can provide insight on how to improve your customer service techniques, strategies, and how to move forward.
    • Customize the on-boarding process for every new customer. Have your team work with them directly, to gain valuable information about their preferences and buying patterns.
    • Use social media for time-sensitive issues. Twitter is a great customer service tool because it allows you to communicate with your customers in real-time to solve problems quickly.
    • Have the human touch. There will be customers who prefer to speak with a person on the phone rather than via chat, email, or direct message. Make it well known that you have support agents always available by phone.
    • Document your processes, policies and procedures so all team members are on the same page about how to handle various issues that may arise.
    • Communication is key for your employees to stay in touch with your customers, and vice-versa. Make this an easy box to check for your employees.
    • Remember, your customers are at the pulse of your business; without them, you wouldn’t exist!

    A few last tips

    • Anticipate the customer’s needs. The quicker you can meet those, the better.
    • Give more than what's expected of you, when you can. This will increase customer appreciation for your business astronomically, and in turn, make you more valuable as a business.
    • Have thick skin. Sometimes, you're going to have to swallow your pride and accept negative feedback or blame for something out of your control. When this happens, remember to keep your customer's happiness in mind. 

    With these tips and priorities in mind, your company's customer service strategy will improve astronomically. You'll find that implementing small but impactful changes will make all the difference. 

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