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    Improve Communications within your Workplace

    It's important to take a step back and evaluate the performance and productivity of the communication you've established for the various departments within your business. There's always room for improvement!

    1. Ask for feedback & Suggestions

    Is there a new app or platform your team would like to try using? Give it a whirl! Free trials are everywhere. We love Slack, Hangouts, and Meet. New products come out often, and offer free trials and discounts for new customers at the drop of a hat. You may find something that suits your needs even better than what you're currently deployed, and allowing a team member to provide that kind of suggestion can be really valuable for their morale. 

    2. Have 1:1 Meetings

    You'll find that some of your team members don't respond well in group settings, or even two on one situations. Some people just understand better when they're in a 1:1 setting, so don't do any team members a disservice by not providing that option. Allow the conversation to flow easily and encourage them to speak freely.

    3. Strengthen Your Team Bond

    Whether your team responds best to outings like free lunches or activities like bowling, prioritizing these kinds of social settings will encourage your team to get to know each other outside of the office and strengthen their connection, trust, and camaraderie. This is important because it will lead to better communication overall, but especially in the office when it's needed most.

    4. Be Transparent

    Modern teamwork encourages open lines of communication on a day to day basis. This includes the manager, your role within the team, and what you expect from each of your employees. Remaining transparent about everything from the get go, setting your expectations early on, and having those tough conversations will put your team (and the business) in a much more positive place, both short and long term. Transparency may not always be the easiest route, but it's definitely the smartest one from a business standpoint. 

    5. Send an Internal Newsletter

    An internal newsletter or e-blast is an effective way to keep all departments, including your remote employees, in the loop with what's going on at HQ. Send out a weekly update that highlights what was achieved that week, any road blocks you've encountered, what's on the horizon for next week, etc. Whether you do this company wide or simply within your department, you're setting the example of how important workplace communication is,  and how simply it can be done.

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