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Ytel Launches Cloud Communications API, message360°

FOOTHILL RANCH, CA - 4 May, 2016 - Ytel, a registered telephone carrier and cloud-based communications company, announced today the launch of message360°, a communications API. message360° provides the infrastructure to integrate voice, text, email, and direct mail communication within any web-based application, with just a few lines of code.

"Using message360°, mid-market and enterprise businesses can easily support advanced communication functionality within their platform," said Nick Newsom, Ytel CEO. "Our pricing is competitive, and we provide white glove service for each customer."

The infrastructure for message360° is supported by multiple data centers across North America that provide geographical redundancy, resulting in maximum up-time. In addition to providing direct access to Tier-1 Carriers, the Ytel network has also been recognized by the United States Congress for advancements in cloud-based communications supporting businesses worldwide.

With message360°, developers can choose from one of the many available helper libraries written in the most popular web languages; PHP, Ruby, .NET, Java, Python, and Node.js. For more control and customization options, message360° supports both JSON and XML response formats. API documentation can be found at

"Voice, text, email, and direct mail will be the primary channels for use in the API," said Matt Grofsky, Ytel CTO. "The infrastructure is self-maintained and scalable; we are on pace to complete over 1 billion interactions on Ytel's network this month."

To create an account, learn more, or explore the API, visit:


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Ytel’s communication platform allows developers and businesses to easily build SMS and voice capabilities into any application. With a single API, improve every customer experience and drive more operational efficiency in your business by working with an enterprise carrier in the cloud. Founded in 2012, Ytel delivers more than 1 billion monthly messages to help businesses grow revenue and brand equity.