For an inbound-outbound call center service provider like CallBlade, a trusted partner with a strong, centralized platform is highly necessary. When Adam Awany, CEO of CallBlade, discovered Ytel Engagement Platform, it was apparent that he would be able to focus primarily on revenue and company growth using this system, instead of spending time fixing issues as he'd done with other dialers.


CallBlade provides global inbound-outbound call center services to multiple industries including health insurance, debt settlement, and real estate. For a company with agents located worldwide, a centralized platform is crucial, but can be difficult to find with the necessities that high-volume businesses require. Most platforms are plagued with issues including lackluster features, an insecure backend, inefficient admin controls, and unreliable support teams.


A strong contributor towards CallBlade's success are Ytel Engagement Platform's solid administrator controls. "Being able to give clients access to what they need without sharing insecure or proprietary information is monumental for my business," according to Adam. Ytel's system has revolutionized the centralized platform for CallBlade, allowing administrators to manage campaigns in a straightforward manner, saving time and resources for other important tasks.

"Most other dialers lack the admin management features that Ytel offers, which is key to our growth," Adam commented. With real-time in-tool agent and campaign reporting available in the system, CallBlade was able to place a lot of formerly manual tasks on autopilot and focus on results.

What surprised CallBlade most was Ytel Engagement Platform's answer machine detection (AMD) feature, which runs in the background and detects answering machines, then leaves the audio message of your choice. "Competing dialers with AMD fall behind in accuracy and power of Ytel's capabilities," according to Adam.

Dialing capabilities and accuracy are powered by Ytel's full service carrier network. With Tier-1 and 2 carrier relationships, Ytel can offer customers industry leading call quality powered by a global network.

Ytel Engagement Platform's features and performance were not the only selling points. Adam noted that Ytel's 24/7 Smart Support team is always there in a pinch. With agents all over the world, it is vital for CallBlade to have an active and knowledgeable support team aiding them.

"The level 1 support is great for helping with those smaller issues that plague our worldwide agent base," Adam said. "The higher level support is outstanding when dealing with issues or questions from our system engineers and IT managers."


The superiority of the system's capabilities and powerful AMD feature helped CallBlade increase its productivity by 25% and boost its revenue by more than 15%. CallBlade sees Ytel's willingness to partner with and assist in their needs as a huge advantage over other providers who only offer what Adam called "cookie cutter solutions."

"We presented a request for some workflow improvements, and Ytel jumped at the opportunity to do customization to help support our business grow and scale."

With Ytel's existing AMD offering combined with the administrator controls needed to support CallBlade, the company sees much higher success, has increased call volume overall, and is poised to grow in the future.

"We feel the Ytel team is part of our team," Adam commented.