Ytel's Ringless Voicemail solution solved several pain points for Del Mar Advertising and their primary customer base of car dealerships. With this marketing strategy in hand, their customers increased conversion rates to over 20%.


With a customer base of 50 car dealerships implementing Ringless Voicemail into their marketing and sales strategy, Del Mar Advertising faced a few challenges. The most prominent was conveying the ROI through consistent reporting and campaign metrics from a high level. Having previously worked with several other companies who offered Ringless Voicemail, they felt that other platforms left much to be desired. "Every other platform we tried really lacked the capabilities that Beacon provides; from the ease of use within the platform to the reporting, it was a much different experience after switching to Ytel," said Andrew Hagstrom, Del Mar Advertising CEO.


Using Ytel API's real-time dashboard and powerful reporting, Del Mar Advertising found that the platform changed the game not just for their business, but their customer's businesses, too. Car dealerships rely heavily on reporting and metrics in order to improve their current campaigns and to plan for the future. "When we're able to tell customers exactly what worked and what didn't, and to see them implement the changes and improve their call backs, our value as an agency grows."

This specific industry thrives off of powerful campaign analytics (as would any lead gen and sales focused company) and reports that come standard on the Beacon platform, like the Campaign Detail Report, Run Cost Report, and the Daily Overview Report.

"Ytel API's reporting features show my customers that a campaign rang 10,000 numbers, received 1,300 callbacks, and set 10 appointments. Our customers love the breakdown and analytics that come from the reporting," Andrew said.

Another well-utilized tool is the campaign scheduling feature, which allows admin to "set it and forget it," with the peace of mind knowing that the campaigns will launch successfully.

The staff has worked with Ytel's Smart Support team on multiple occasions and is consistently impressed with response time, knowledge of the platform, and the pathway to resolution. "We ran into a minor issue last week and my colleagues quickly jumped on the phone with Ytel's Support team. The issue was handled promptly, without any real down time or hesitation," Andrew explained.


Campaign response rate currently sits between 22 - 25%. This is partially due to the high deliverability of vanity phone numbers offered through Ytel's RVM solution. In past experiences, the DIDs provided to Del Mar Advertising and their customers didn't deliver as high or as frequently.

Beyond just offering better reporting and metrics for their customers, Del Mar Advertising also sought out to improve campaign response rates. For instance, due to the high deliverability rate of Ytel's Ringless Voicemail solution, Del Mar Advertising was able to increase their customer's campaign response rates to 25 percent.

"The dealerships are ecstatic over Ringless Voicemail as it keeps the phones ringing all day and has increased their sales over time."