Explore how Drips.com leveraged the power of voice, SMS, and email within Ytel API to transform their client's leads into customers.

"We were very early adopters of Ytel API, beta, alpha testers even. We've had the opportunity to access and befriend the highest level of Ytel management, been given priority treatment on feature requests, shown gratitude for our feedback and suggestions, enjoyed very competitive pricing, and made business relationships that I expect to flourish for years to come," said AC Evans, CEO of Drips.com. "How hasn't Ytel changed my business?"


"We were looking for a company that we could grow with, who cared about our success and saw value in what we were building," said AC Evans, CEO. Drips.com had yet to discover a platform that could provide the support, service, and technology needed for their advanced marketing platform and meet customer needs. "We have used many service providers: Twilio, Plivo, Nexmo, CallFire, just to name a few," said AC. "With Drips.com being a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, we are always trying to push our boundaries and leverage new technologies to stay ahead of our competition."


"If Drips.com is the perfect Drip marketing machine gun (which it is), Ytel API undoubtedly provides the bullets," said AC. "When Drips.com sends out follow-up attempts (or Drips) to our customer's leads, those text messages, phone calls, emails, etc are all coming from Ytel API. We choose our targets, aim, pull the trigger, and Ytel API fires."

The open API of Ytel API enabled Drips.com developers to imagine how they wanted to leverage voice, SMS, and email into their platform. With the strategic communications combination, Ytel API has transformed Drips.com's client leads into won customers.


"I feel more like I have a partner with Ytel, than a platform," said AC. "Our business depends on thousands of communication elements each day that support our clients and with Ytel API, we just know it's going to work. For a business owner, that's peace of mind you just can't buy."

Ytel's Smart Support and professional services team continue to help Drips.com by providing simplified methods of communication and the opportunity to request new features that support our business needs. "These normally get built out in a matter of days, not weeks or months (or ever in most competitor's cases)," said AC. "Their fast turn around time enables us to offer the same swiftness to our client's requests, and has become invaluable to our continued success.

"As I said earlier, we have used many service providers: Twilio, Plivo, Nexmo, and I know we found the right partner who will work and grow with us," said AC. "Now that we are fully integrated with Ytel API, we're able to focus on other parts of the business, knowing that the platform is fully functional."


Drips.com is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based company that will design, coordinate, and automate voice, SMS, and email drip campaigns. Split test between multiple strategies and gain insights to analytics, resulting in data driven decisions that support increased revenue and growth.

50 - 100 Employees

“What really made Ytel API and Ytel stand out for us was the team behind it. The tech is great; plus, I feel more like I have a partner with Ytel, rather than just a platform."

AC Evans, CEO, Drips.com
AC Evans
CEO, Drips.com