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We are looking for amazing partners to build long term business relationships with. You have connections with people we want to meet. We value our partners and we want your experience to be amazing when you work with us. Help us connect the dots and earn commission.

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How It Works

Here are some of the key benefits to help you get started towards becoming a Ytel referral partner.

Partner Benefits Include:

  • Earn up-to 15% commission on net seat license fees
  • Commission term up to two years
  • Partner portal to submit and track referral progress
  • Dedicated sales manager to support you

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  • Apply to become a referral partner
  • Start referring business
  • Earn commission

Who is eligible?

Just about anyone! As long as you don’t work for us here at Ytel, or the company you’re referring (includes family members), and are 18 years or older.

Also, you do not need to be a Ytel customer to make a referral.

What is a valid referral?

This is one of the most important questions… A qualified referral must be a new contact, meaning that Ytel has had no prior communication with the referred company.

What is the commission process?

Your commission will be issued on a monthly basis, only after Ytel receives payment from the company that you referred. Commission will not be deemed earned unless and until Ytel actually receives the service fees upon which commissions are based.

What’s my commission percentage?

“Net seat license fees” are calculated on the monthly base seat license fee, following deduction of taxes, discounts, refunds, tariffs and other outstanding charges.

How long will I receive commission for on my referral?

You will receive commission on your referral, for up to two years, from the day your referral signs a service contract with Ytel.

What if my referral doesn’t become a Ytel customer?

We hate it when this happens… Unfortunately, if your referral doesn’t become a Ytel customer we can’t send you a commission check. You will only receive a commission check when a referral becomes a Ytel customer.

So help us help you close the deal! The more you can help build a relationship with your referral the better the chance of earning a monthly commission check.

What if my referral is already in contact with Ytel?

All referrals must be new contacts to earn your monthly commission check. If we’re already engaged with that contact we will need your help to look elsewhere to find a qualified referral.

Let’s keep looking – there are lots of fish in the sea!

Do I need to know the person I’m referring?

This isn’t a requirement, but knowing the person goes a long way in helping us develop a relationship with your referral. With that being said, we strongly recommend it! Be sure your referral knows that a sales representative will be contacting them about their communication needs.

Please don’t data dump on us. That’s not nice.

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