Family of Built-In Apps

Add turnkey functionality with the click of a button.

Manage, Track and Distribute Leads in Real-Time

LeadBeam is a turnkey lead management application that allows you to easily transfer live, aged or paper leads quickly and securely. By optimizing the lead process with LeadBeam, companies can maximize revenue opportunities with every lead and remove the manual process of lead deliver.

  • Criteria based lead distribution
  • Automated data posting to lead buyers
  • Track agent, vendor and referral partner commissions

Advanced Soundboard Technology

Designed to guide agents through conversations, VoicePath allows you to easily develop audio responses for inbound and outbound calls. Using VoicePath, agents are guided through conventional logic to navigate all potential call outcomes. Agents can simply press a number on their keyboard or screen to trigger custom pre-recorded dialogue, back and forth with customers.

  • Create the conversation path for agents
  • Multiple response logic and variations
  • Play sound files based on data displayed

Transcribe and Archive Audio Files Instantly

VoiceAnalytics brings advanced world-class speech-to-text technology to Cloud Contact Center. Features include keyword spotting, transcription and archiving.

  • Transcribe audio files in real-time
  • Index audio files for analysis
  • Real-time keyword usage notifications

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