A Platform Built for Lead Distribution

Simplify the lead process with buyers through automation, call decisioning, and lead routing. Don’t see a feature you need? Let’s build it.

Increase Revenue Opportunities With Every Lead

LeadBeam removes the manual process of lead delivery and allows businesses to increase revenue opportunities with the same number of leads. It’s one platform that streamlines the fundamentals of managing, distributing, and tracking lead orders.


  • Lead generation analytics
  • Lead portal for lead buy and seller
  • Set custom lead distribution rules


  • Track the status of distributed leads
  • Define rules to post into a client’s CRM
  • Distribute inbound third party calls


  • Monitor lead buyer activity
  • Track in-house transfers to lead buyers
  • Set custom SMS and email notifications

Manage Your Lead Process

Create custom rules and decisioning processes that increase efficiency and shortcut the path of every lead. The LeadBeam dashboard gives Admins at-a-glance analytics to the most important key performance indicators (KPI). This data provides insight into evaluating performance and areas where lost revenue can be found.

Key Features

  • Customizable dashboard
  • Manage lead process rules and decisioning
  • Create and manage lead buyers and vendors

Distribute Leads with Call Decisioning and Advanced Routing

By automating the lead distribution process, businesses can increase efficiency and accuracy for every lead order. LeadBeam works with both paper leads and live transfers. Custom features were built to support vertical integration within every industry.

Key Features

  • Track the status of distributed leads
  • Define rules to post into a client’s CRM
  • Distribute inbound third party calls

Closed Loop Lead Tracking

Advanced reporting provides data-driven and historical insight into lead and campaign performance. This gives you the ability to make well-informed decisions to better support your business. The analytics are simple yet concise, and provide the data that lead buyers and sellers need.

Key Features

  • Lead buyer activity and transfer report
  • Lead order and fulfillment report
  • Lead Data Reports

Make Lead Buyers Happy

LeadBeam provides all lead sellers with a custom portal that can be given access to lead buyers. In doing so, lead buyers can track lead orders, request new orders, and export data.

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