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How Landline Testing Works

Enabling a landline for texting is really simple. Phone numbers support both voice and text. All landlines are voice-enabled however most don't do anything with their ability to send or receive text messages. Voice and text work independently from each other, which allows Ytel to handle your business text messaging while the phone company handles the voice.

We are here to help

Getting your landline set up to send and receive text messages is a simple process. It normally takes about 1 business day to get up and running. Fill out the form or give us a call to get started. Once set up, all of your text messages and two-way conversations can be managed through our Inbox interface.
In addition to existing landlines, new local and toll free numbers can be added to your account for text messaging as well.

What can you do

New communication avenue - Setting up your landline to send and receive texts allows you to engage with people that may not want to pick up the phone to call, but still need to communicate with you. If your current number doesn't support text to landline, it's likely that you're missing the text messages that people are trying to send you.

Continue the Conversation - Follow up the call with a text and really stay in touch with each customer via Inbox that allows you to communicate and let the customer know you are still there.

Schedule Messages - Schedule in appointment and billing reminders, birthday announcements or future communication