Testimonials & Use Cases

Our products and solutions are helping customers all over the world grow their businesses in unique ways. Explore some of their success stories revealed through our collection of case studies.
HIC Group
Learn how Ytel Engagement Platform fits the bill as all in one solution for HIC Marketing to experience consistent growth
Ytel Engagement Platform provided HIC Marketing with an all in one solution for both outbound dialing and lead posting, leading to overall company growth and increased usability.
Explore how CallBlade discovered all-in-one-platform, Ytel Engagement Platform, and how its power and capabilities could increase call quality and ultimately, growth and revenue
Ytel Engagement Platform provided a strong, centralized platform with powerful system capabilities for CallBlade, increasing productivity by 25% and boosting revenue by 15%, while allowing management to move away from menial tasks to focus on high level business metrics.
Del Mar Advertising
Discover how Del Mar Advertising leveraged the power of Ringless Voicemail to convey customer ROI, improve analytics and continue proving their value as an agency
Ytel's Ringless Voicemail solution solved several pain points for Del Mar Advertising and their primary customer base of car dealerships. With this marketing strategy in hand, their customers increased conversion rates to over 20%.
Lead Strata Marketing
Using Ytel API, Lead Strata Marketing saw a 300% increase in output with the same number of agents
Lead Strata Marketing, a quality lead generator for Mortgage Banks around the country, Streamlining modern finance requires utilizing the latest technology and processes in order to provide the best quality leads for clients.
Patriot Protection Shield
Discover the features that boosted agent productivity, cut operational costs and revolutionized reporting and data analytics for Patriot Protection Shield
After trying various cloud-based communication platforms that couldn't alleviate their most prominent pain points, Patriot Protection Shield discovered Ytel's core offering, Ytel Engagement Platform, and has never looked back.

Popular Use Case By Select Industry


Automated Voice Messaging for Automotive Shops

Body shops and car dealerships of all sizes can harness the power of Ytel API to communicate with customers and prospects through Press 1 campaigns and automated calling. Manually calling every customer who is due for an oil change is a thing of the past. Announce sales, promotions, and updates through one broadcasted message using Ytel API.


Automated Voice Messaging for Energy Companies

The utility companies who use Ytel API needed a simplified solution to communicate with their customers quickly and efficiently. Ytel API bridges the communication gap between electric companies and their customers, along with the providers, businesses, cooperatives, water districts, and the suppliers they work with.


Automated Voice Messaging for Financial Institutions

Your financial institution can securely and efficiently relay information, updates, reminders and more with Ytel API's voice messaging system. Improve customer service, upsell current products, and increase sales through quicker response rates through Ytel API's simple to use, time-saving powerful system.


Automated Voice Messaging for Healthcare

Keep your patients, doctors, and other faculty in the loop at a moment's notice using technology designed to reach mass audiences instantly. Quickly share updates and reminders while protecting patient information and allowing both the provider and patient to communicate securely.

School & Universities

Automated Voice Messaging for Schools

Communicating in a modern, affordable way is the biggest pain point of education systems today. Removing the outdated, feeble methods of sending campus-wide messages is simple with Ytel API's voice system. Whether classes are cancelled or there's an emergency on campus, sending a mass update through Ytel API will transform the notification process.


Automated Voice Messaging for Insurance

Support your team hitting their goals through the adoption of Ytel API call technology. Key press options include transfers, lead information, and campaign customization. Insurance teams can communicate new deals and promotions in real-time using a campaign blast that reaches their entire database or custom lists.

Student Loans

Automated Voice Messaging for Student Loans

Your business needs a powerful system that can handle large call volumes without wasting any time to reach more leads with debt. Using Ytel API, increase answer percentages and hit the KPIs you've been working towards, all while removing the manual piece of the equation. This industry is experiencing massive growth and Ytel API provides the competitive advantage.

Nonprofits/Religious Organizations

Automated Voice Messaging for Nonprofits & Religious Organizations

It's never been easier to communicate with your members than on the Ytel API system. Send personalized messages to hundreds or thousands, announce local events and fundraisers, request volunteers and support it all using Ytel API's powerful and cost-efficient technology. You can even schedule campaigns for the future with start and stop times.

Sports Teams

Automated Voice Messaging for Sports Teams & Organizations

Sustain and boost your team's recognition and exposure through Ytel API's call capabilities. Share team announcements and updates, build excitement for current or upcoming seasons through promotions and events, and keep your ticket holders in the loop with insider information and updates.