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HIC Group
Learn how Ytel Engagement Platform fits the bill as all in one solution for HIC Marketing to experience consistent growth
Ytel Engagement Platform provided HIC Marketing with an all in one solution for both outbound dialing and lead posting, leading to overall company growth and increased usability.
Explore how CallBlade discovered all-in-one-platform, Ytel Engagement Platform, and how its power and capabilities could increase call quality and ultimately, growth and revenue
Ytel Engagement Platform provided a strong, centralized platform with powerful system capabilities for CallBlade, increasing productivity by 25% and boosting revenue by 15%, while allowing management to move away from menial tasks to focus on high level business metrics.
Del Mar Advertising
Discover how Del Mar Advertising leveraged the power of Ringless Voicemail to convey customer ROI, improve analytics and continue proving their value as an agency
Ytel's Ringless Voicemail solution solved several pain points for Del Mar Advertising and their primary customer base of car dealerships. With this marketing strategy in hand, their customers increased conversion rates to over 20%.
Lead Strata Marketing
Using Ytel API, Lead Strata Marketing saw a 300% increase in output with the same number of agents
Lead Strata Marketing, a quality lead generator for Mortgage Banks around the country, Streamlining modern finance requires utilizing the latest technology and processes in order to provide the best quality leads for clients.
Patriot Protection Shield
Discover the features that boosted agent productivity, cut operational costs and revolutionized reporting and data analytics for Patriot Protection Shield
After trying various cloud-based communication platforms that couldn't alleviate their most prominent pain points, Patriot Protection Shield discovered Ytel's core offering, Ytel Engagement Platform, and has never looked back.