HIC Marketing is one of the fastest growing national insurance intermediaries. They attribute their growth to leveraging relationships and only focusing on targeted insurance products from specific carriers. They provide their agents with the best guaranteed products in the industry designed specifically for telesales.


Finding a communications system with all-in-one capabilities and functionality presented quite the challenge for HIC Marketing, whose agents and business require not just a dialer, but a lead posting system as well. Admin needed a system to monitor agent activity, set rules for lead buyers, run reports and more.


“We needed a dialer with more than just the standard capabilities, and one that could grow and scale as we do,” said Rob Sturchio, Managing Partner of HIC Marketing. Other software providers like Vici and Five9 offered the basics, but for a high-volume business like HIC, the basics did not compare with the high-level functionality of Ytel Engagement Platform.

Working as partners in success, Ytel and HIC teamed up to create and modify the best possible system setup in order to maximize revenue, while also functioning as they needed it to. “The Ytel team has been very accommodating; offering ideas and solutions to advance our system as a whole, and over time we’ve built something complex that does anything and everything we need it to,” Rob explained.

Although the initial costs were higher than purchasing a dialer separately from a lead posting system, the simplicity of having both in one was an obvious benefit for the company’s bottom line. Instead of having to worry about various integrations communicating seamlessly, working with multiple companies, and the headache associated with troubleshooting, HIC eliminated the noise and chose the ecosystem with distinct advantages.

The convenience of having a Support team available at any hour is fundamental for potential issues that may occur, and the Smart Support team at Ytel is responsive and quick to find a resolution.


“We’ve grown and scaled back because that’s the way our industry works, so the need for a partner who understands that fluctuation was essential,” said Rob. As partners in success, Ytel’s development and Operations team created a harmonious outbound system and lead platform that’s built to scale.

“We’ve maintained 20 to 40 seats with Ytel over the years, and they definitely helped us grow faster than any other system ever could have,” Rob explained.