For an auto warranty company like Patriot Protection Shield, having powerful communication software is absolutely essential for handling inbound and outbound calls, protecting secure customer information, maintaining a positive customer experience, and keeping a business running smoothly. After trying various cloud-based communication platforms that couldn't alleviate their most prominent pain points, Patriot Protection Shield discovered Ytel's core offering, Ytel Engagement Platform, and has never looked back.


Prior to Ytel Engagement Platform, Patriot Protection Shield had tried multiple cloud-based communication software systems to manage their inbound and outbound calls. The biggest pain points were found in the agent and admin dashboards, reporting, and the overall lack of customer support. Employing a totally U.S. based Smart Support system, available 24/7, guarantees customers something that not many other enterprise level solutions can offer; local assistance and support, anytime.

From a management perspective, the executive team at Patriot Protection Shield felt the reporting and analytics other systems offered left much to be desired, particularly for the cost. The reports were difficult to navigate and dissect. Analytically, the data became difficult to extract and analyze within their old systems, delaying the company's growth and productivity.

The lack of customer support was frustrating; issues that needed to be resolved were prolonged. They needed a solution for their agents to be able to administer more high-quality calls and a way to work within the dashboard more efficiently.


With Ytel Engagement Platform, both agent and admin panels are utilized to their full potential in the dashboard, reporting, data analytics, and in overall usability. The feature that stands out most for agents is in the way they interact with the dashboard panel in Ytel Engagement Platform, with little room for error as recent upgrades to the system simplified the dashboard tenfold. "My team loves the UI (user interface) and how simple it is to navigate the dashboard," stated David Skaar, CIO.

For David's team, the agent dashboard features an upgraded user interface and is effective in closing deals, taking calls, inquiring, and supporting any business development they may be doing. It's also got a few core features that the admin value greatly, for a boost in saving time and efficiency. "Ytel Engagement Platform and its features are a whole lot easier to use than any other system, and Ytel's customer service is so much better than what we were used to," David said. For admin, list management has never been easier. Uploading lists into the system is a feature David and his colleagues find beneficial on a daily basis.

From the dialer administration point of view, everything runs much more smoothly with Ytel's system. "If I want to reset the hopper or change the dialing level of a campaign, or turn a campaign off, it's all there on one screen at campaign level," David said. The convenience of Quick Features in Ytel Engagement Platform continues to be a selling point for David and his management team, as they need all the shortcuts they can get when managing a large team with fast traffic and calls.

As the CIO of Patriot Protection Shield, reporting and analytics are David's main concern. To support the company's objectives and goals, accurate data and analytics are absolutely essential. Discovering how Ytel Engagement Platform displays data and metrics and the features customizable based on report was like a breath of fresh air. "When running a report, I can hit submit and the system creates a link I can download in a matter of seconds, right on my screen," David said. In Ytel Engagement Platform reporting, admins can pull data on inbound and outbound campaigns by report, performance comparisons, call detail, agent performance analytics, time cards, inbound color notifications, and much more. No longer does the management team waste time trying to make decisions based on reporting that they're not 100% confident in.


After a long, working struggle with other systems, transitioning to Ytel where "everything is just better," allowed Patriot Protection Shield to successfully train and employ new agents, use the latest cloud communications software, pull reports, accurately analyze new data and perform comparison reports, increase agent productivity, all while cutting costs and operational headaches along the way.