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Ytel & Innovo Technology Enhance School Safety

Innovo Technology First to Use Ytel's API for Emergency Notification System

FOOTHILL RANCH, CA - 3 May, 2018 - Ytel, a leading provider of communications software for businesses through a programmable API and contact center software, announced today that Signature Devices, through its subsidiary Innovo Technology (OTC PINK: SDVI) will be the first to harness Ytel's API to improve school safety by integrating it into the Knoton -- a crucial Emergency Notification System (ENS) device that can minimize the impact of school or campus emergencies by enabling school staff to raise an alarm with one push of a button.

SMS Capabilities within Ytel API Ideal for Trigger-Based Notification; 911-911 Short Code Critical

Designed to power interactions at scale in any scenario, the SMS capabilities within the Ytel API are ideal for a trigger-based notification system. Since establishing a system of protocol is essential during school emergency situations, Ytel's proprietary 911-911 short code and the pre-set triggers on the Knoton can handle emergency situations in a more productive and sensitive manner for everyone involved.

"We offer a specialized device that is fine-tuned for emergency usage, leaving no room for error or time wasted. Due to the urgent nature of the messages the Knoton is designed to send, we knew the industry communications expert was a smart business choice for implementation," said Inas Azzam, CEO of Signature Devices and former elementary school teacher and college professor. "Using Ytel's 911-911 short code, and working with their hands-on carrier team to ensure maximum deliverability of our messages, sets the Knoton up to be a trusted, reliable source for communication outreach when it matters most."

The Knoton, which is hardware agnostic and can be tied to any existing IP base, runs off of WiFi, Bluetooth, and, unlike existing solutions, can also run off of 3G/LTE. The device costs a fraction of what traditional ENS systems charge and doesn't require schools to change out their communications system or redesign their infrastructure.

Innovo Technology and Ytel Will Bring Schools Significant Improvements in ENS Technology

"Innovo Technology's decision to use the Ytel API will make significant improvements in ENS technology and the way schools communicate with their most important contacts during emergencies," said Stephen Silva, executive vice president of Sales, Ytel. "Combining a product like the Knoton, that was designed specifically for emergency situations, with Ytel's 911-911 short code, unified communications API, and carrier service capabilities is a great combination of technologies that will help to provide safety and security for our children, teachers, and administrators."


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Ytel’s communication platform allows developers and businesses to easily build SMS and voice capabilities into any application. With a single API, improve every customer experience and drive more operational efficiency in your business by working with an enterprise carrier in the cloud. Founded in 2012, Ytel delivers more than 1 billion monthly messages to help businesses grow revenue and brand equity.

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Based in Sheridan, Wyoming, Signature Devices, Inc (OTC PINK: SDVI) is a holding company with subsidiaries that develop Internet of Things (IOT) products through its subsidiary Innovo Technologies.

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Based in Irvine, California, Innovo Technology combines the best of the technologies underpinning the popular Morpheus media server, Tazerwear's AI Software, Truck IT's beacon platform with Knoton's hardware, infrastructure and software. The result is a company that blends custom software and powerful hardware IoT-interconnected devices.