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High-Quality Voice Service

Crystal clear calls, STIR/SHAKEN compliant, Verified Caller, and Branded Calls from one single provider


Dynamic Call Strategies

Reduce wait times and increase contact rates with instant call from real-time lead submissions, predictive algorithms, Click 2 Call functionality, and fully featured inbound routing


Workforce Management Tools

Drill down on agent productivity, create teams, assign shifts, schedule reports, and view activity in real time


High Answer Rates

Cost-effectively achieve higher answer rates at even the most high-volume contact center.

Get effective calling solutions in one platform

Ensure comprehensive campaign calling with advanced contact center software.

Phone Number Reputation

Send verified branded calls and prevent being improperly labeled as spam or scam


Call Recordings

Record and monitor inbound and outbound call activity to improve agent workflows


Inbound Routing

Dynamically route inbound calls to IVRs, queues, and voicemails, and distribute to agents using multiple distribution methods like rank and longest wait time


CRM Integrations

Integrate with over 100 CRMs by web popping the record on call connect, seamlessly posting data, and maintaining the system of record


Real Time Reporting

Manage the contact center with real time agent visibility, live call audio, and the statistics to monitor success


Scheduled Callbacks

Agents can schedule personal callbacks or for the agent group to never miss a followup. Managers can also reassign callbacks to other agents to maximize success


Virtual Agents

All agents need is internet and a headset to operate our WebRTC interface making work from anywhere a reality


Advanced Calling Types

Make calls using the most efficient strategy for your program, whether it's Click-2-Call, Manual Preview Call, Predictive, Workflow, or real time lead form submission call back

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