Branded calling and texting with an easy-to-use webphone. You can even embed it with your CRM!


Easily add calling and texting

Do your users want modern communication tools within your application? We've made it easy


With just a few lines of code, embeddable tools are added into your platform using simple javascript libraries.


Call, text, create calling lists, and more—all within one webphone.


Easily sync contact and communication data with your CRM.

Features your users will ❤️

Number Reputation

Send verified branded calls and prevent being improperly labeled as spam or scam


High-quality voice calls directly from the browser

Inbound Call

Receive inbound calls to the webphone with custom notifications, find-me/follow-me, & voicemail options


Click-2-Call any number to place an outbound call and log it in the CRM

List Calling

Push or upload contacts to the webphone for easy Click-2-Call dialing

Call Control

Ring groups, transfer calls, put callers on hold & mute options


Listen to voicemails with a click of a button. Transcribe, download, or email voicemails easily


Better manage contacts by integrating call & SMS data, including recordings, into your CRM

Status & Presence

Know what your co-workers are up to and avoid interrupting a meeting or dead end call transfers


Send and receive text messages directly from the webphone with full conversation history


Chat with internal team members and get the answers you need in real-time


Users can view their communication statistics for the day, week, and month


Need clarification?

What exactly is a Webphone?

A webphone is a telephone that can be used through a web browser. Webphones are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a number of advantages over traditional phone systems. Perhaps the most obvious benefit of using a webphone is that it can be used from anywhere in the world, as long as there is an internet connection. This makes them ideal for businesses with employees who work remotely or who frequently travel. Webphones can also be integrated into CRM software, making it easy to keep track of customer calls and interactions. In addition, webphones often come with a range of features such as call recording and voicemail, which can be beneficial for businesses. 

Why should I add a Webphone to my CRM?

Webphones are an essential tool for businesses that want to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. Webphones allow customers to reach a business directly from their web browser, without having to download any software or make a phone call. This can be a major advantage for businesses that want to provide excellent customer service, as it eliminates the need for customers to wait on hold or be transferred to different departments. In addition, webphones can also be integrated into a CRM system, allowing businesses to track and manage customer interactions more effectively. As a result, adding a webphone to your CRM can help you boost sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Can I use the Webphone stand-alone?

Yes! The Ytel platform can also operate completely stand-alone! You can manage contacts, Call Routing, list calling, send sms and more right from the platform. No integration needed. 

How do I embed the Webphone in my CRM?

We are glad you asked! There is a reason why top CRMs use pre-built, embedded tools, and fortunately it's pretty easy. Just follow our guide on installing the webphone javascript library and adding our webphone to your CRM. It's time to take  your CRM offering to the next level!


What is human selection calling?

Human selection calling is a brand new technology powered by human initiation. Think of it as the modern way of picking up the phone to contact someone. Simply select the contacts you wish to reach out to based on the criteria you choose and run them through the standard compliance criteria such as Prior Express Written Consent (PEWC)Existing Business Relationship (EBR)DNC, Contact Time Protection and more, THEN click on a contact in the live list to place a call or an sms. 

Can we field inbound calls?

Absolutely! Every Webphone has a dedicated phone number assigned to the user. If the user wishes to receive inbound calls toggle inbound on, if the user is busy or unavailable the calls will go to a personalized user voicemail. Need advanced skills based routing and IVR? We have that too!

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