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Contact Rates

Tired of people not answering your calls? Want your sales team to contact leads more efficiently? Need more accurate communication-related events stored in your CRM?

Get started with Ytel and find the answers you need to grow your business and scale revenue.

How does Ytel pricing work?

Licenses offered by Ytel are priced per user agent.  There is also a platform fee.

How much does it cost per user?

It depends on the license type you choose for your team. Get in touch and we’ll provide a breakdown of our license types and the features included.

Are there any transactional fees?

It depends! If you are using services like SMS or Branded Calls there can be a transactional cost per usage event depending on the service used. Reach out to our team for detailed pricing. 

Do integrations cost extra?

There are no integration fees when using our Visual Designer (Workflow) or APIs to connect to other platforms.   We offer many turn-key integrations to popular SaaS platforms.    To learn more, contact us.   We can also build custom integrations upon request.

Are volume discounts available?

Yes! There are both agent/user and transactional discounts available for qualified opportunities!

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