Convert more leads to sales

Efficiently connect with leads using Ytel's sales dialer software

  • Spend more time talking with parallel dialing
  • Customize your inbound and outbound calling workflows
  • Get mislabels like "Spam Likely" automatically remediated

Sales dialer software that gets sales

High Answer Rates

Cost-effectively achieve higher answer rates with branded calling, multi-channel engagement, and intelligent lead nurturing

High-Quality Voice

Crystal clear calls. Get STIR/SHAKEN compliant, Verified Caller, and Branded Calls from one single provider.

Dynamic Call Strategies

Reduce wait times and increase contact rates. Instantly call new form submissions, predictively call leads, and intelligently route inbound calls

Workforce Management

Drill down on agent productivity, create teams, assign shifts, schedule reports, and view activity in real-time


Don't just take our word for it

"Ytel is readily available to help us with any problem large or small. They don't treat us like customers, they treat us as if we are a part of their team. Every single one of my employees is treated with the same level of respect.”

"Ytel took the time to listen to the problems we had with our previous dialer and made sure to explain how their solutions would solve our problems. Whereas companies like Five9 and Convoso tried to pitch features of their software that weren't related to our needs."


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Get effective calling solutions in one platform

Ensure comprehensive campaign calling with advanced sales dialer software.

Phone Number Reputation

Send verified branded calls and prevent being improperly labeled as spam or scam

Call Recordings

Record and monitor inbound and outbound call activity to improve agent workflows

Inbound Routing

Dynamically route inbound calls to IVRs, queues, and voicemails, and distribute to agents using multiple distribution methods like rank and longest wait time

CRM Integrations

Integrate with over 100 CRMs by web popping the record on call connect, seamlessly posting data, and maintaining the system of record

Scheduled Callbacks

Agents can schedule personal callbacks or for the agent group to never miss a followup. Managers can also reassign callbacks to other agents to maximize success

Real-Time Reporting

Manage the contact center with real-time agent visibility, live call audio, and statistics to monitor success

Remote Agents

All that's needed is internet and a headset to operate our WebRTC interface making work from anywhere a reality

Advanced Calling Types

Make calls using the most efficient strategy for your program, whether it's click-2-call, manual preview, predictive, or real-time lead form submission call back

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers!

Here are some of the most common questions we receive. Let us know if there is anything more you'd like to discuss.

What is a Sales Dialer?

A sales dialer is a software tool designed to automate and manage the process of making telephone calls in sales operations. It is particularly useful for sales teams that handle a high volume of outbound calls. The primary goal of a sales dialer is to increase efficiency and productivity by reducing the time spent on manual dialing and waiting for connections.

Why use a Sales Dialer?

Businesses can gain several significant advantages by using a sales dialer as part of their sales and marketing strategies. Here are some of the key reasons why a business should consider using a sales dialer:

1. Increased Productivity and Efficiency: Sales dialers automate the dialing process, eliminating the need for sales reps to manually dial phone numbers. This can dramatically increase the number of calls a sales rep can make in a day, allowing them to spend more time talking to potential customers and less time on repetitive tasks.

2. Better Lead Management: Integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems allows sales teams to manage leads more effectively. Sales reps can quickly access lead information, track call outcomes, and schedule follow-ups, ensuring that no potential sales opportunities are lost.

3. Enhanced Call Quality: Features like call recording and call scripting, which can help in training sales reps and improving the quality of calls. Managers can review calls to provide feedback and guidance, ensuring that sales pitches are delivered effectively.

4. Improved Conversion Rates: By enabling sales teams to make more calls and connect with more prospects, sales dialers can directly contribute to higher conversion rates. The ability to quickly follow up on leads and keep detailed records of interactions can also help in nurturing leads through the sales funnel.

5. Reduced Idle Time: Features like predictive and progressive dialing reduce the amount of time sales reps spend waiting for someone to answer the phone. The system automatically dials the next number when it predicts a rep will be available, ensuring a more consistent flow of calls and reducing downtime.

6. Data-Driven Insights: Sales dialers can provide valuable data and analytics on call outcomes, call duration, conversion rates, and other key performance indicators. This data can be used to refine sales strategies, improve training programs, and make informed decisions about targeting and outreach efforts.

7. Scalability: As a business grows, its sales operations can scale more easily with a sales dialer. Adding more sales reps or increasing call volume can be managed efficiently without significantly adding to the workload or requiring a proportionate increase in administrative support.

Overall, the use of a sales dialer can help businesses to streamline their sales processes, improve the effectiveness of their sales teams, and ultimately drive more sales. By leveraging technology to automate routine tasks and gather insights, businesses can focus more on strategy, customer engagement, and closing deals.

Can it record calls?

Yes! You can record all calls or record portions of calls on-demand.

Does your system have IVR and Skills based routing?

Yes absolutely! The system has a suite of features related to skills based routing making sure all inbound calls are routed to the appropriate place with the best customer experience. Setting up an IVR / Call Menu is also super easy and fully featured.

How easy is it to import data?

Super easy! You can import a .csv file or we can provide an API posting string. We can also integrate with your CRM.

Does my team need physical phones?

Nope, physical phones and softphone downloads are not needed. Our platform has a built-in webphone and is completely browser-based. 

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