About Us

“Happy customers, rewarding work culture, and innovative software are the three main ingredients that define Ytel.”

Prior to Ytel, our founding team worked in the direct response and contact center industries piecing together multiple, expensive systems that allowed B2C brands to measure their advertising return on investment and route calls to the best agents. The challenge for our clients was to use and manage all of these systems – and we saw an opportunity to solve that problem.

In 2012, we organized a team of communication experts and set out on a journey to build a carrier-grade network and a minimum viable contact center in the cloud.

Over the years, we've gained insight into how our customers' businesses operate. It's now our goal to use our network, software, and teams to accelerate client performance with CPaaS, CCaaS, and UCaaS.

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Our History

2012 - Ytel is Founded

Modern Carrier-Grade Network Built Contact Center Launched.

90 Days Later

100+ Customers

2015 - X5 Launched

Feedback from customers allows our team to deploy over 200+ inbound technical capabilities added to our contact center suite

2016 - Growth

Series A Investment from Argentum Group

2017 - API Launches

Customers begin building Voice and SMS communications on top of Ytel's carrier grade network using simple APIs

2018 - Throttle Up

Ytel increases staff & deploys capital to meet customer demand. Multiple systems are combined into one universe. Partnership with Google & GoTransverse begins allowing Ytel to further scale

2019 - Workflow

Drag & Drop Editor to deploy customer journeys with no code is launched. Developers can now write once and business users can change often

2020 - Software & Global Pandemic

Ytel helps tens of thousands of end-users transition to at-home work models and rapidly deploys updated Call Tracking, WebRTC, Verified SMS/Voice, Webhooks, and additional reporting

2021 - New Workflow Nodes & Unlimited Scale

Added several new nodes and features to Workflow and added auto-scaling to our 'runners' allowing enterprises to create, deploy, and manage large workloads with ease

2022 - Webphone

Ytel adds unified communications as a service to accelerate end-to-end customer communications and deliver a more unified experience across the Ytel product stack.

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