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* For qualified referrals. Recurring fees include seats and packages. 

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our referral program

How do I get paid?

If it is the first time referring a customer, then we will reach out with a formal agreement, a W9 form, and instructions on how to register your banking information with our billing system.

When do I receive the commission?

Commission is paid on the 30th of each month for the prior month's usage and only on seat usage that has been paid for.

How long will I get paid for?

At a minimum, you will be paid for the first two years. For qualifying opportunities, commission may also be evergreen.

What if the account grows?

If the account grows then your commission amount grows! Assuming growth is coming from qualifying seat charges.

What does it take to qualify?

The company you are referring to Ytel can't be a current or previous customer. They also can't be a company our sales team is already actively working with. The party referring the company can't be an employee at the company being referred.