Verified SMS by Google

Have your brand name, logo, and a verification badge display when texting customers. See your response rates increase because your customers trust where the text messages are coming from. 

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Why does Verified SMS matter?


of people feel more confident about a business using Verified SMS


of people receive an unwanted SMS every day

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annual rise in the number of Americans falling victim to phone scams

How can I learn more?

Text or Call (855) 217-8272     or

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How can Ytel help?

Displaying your company name, logo, and a verification badge will help you gain the trust you need to get customers to take action when they see your texts. Verified SMS also helps increase brand recall because customers will see your company name in their SMS inbox whenever they go to text friends and family! Ytel is here to help you get your text messages and calls to android phones verified.

Non verified vs Verified sms

How do I get started?



Create a Ytel account, add or port your numbers, and then contact us to get registered for Google Verified SMS



Ytel verifies and submits your brand information for approval by Google



Upon approval, you are ready to send Google Verified SMS using Ytel's API