4 tools to help earn trust & increase answer rates

Learn how you can gain your customers' trust and improve answer rates with Mislabeling Management, Branded Caller ID, Verified Call, and Caller Display

Calling is Dead

You place a call to a customer and nobody answers. You may leave a voicemail hoping the customer calls back. Or you call again hoping for an answer the second (or third) time around. It can be an enormous waste of time and a source of frustration. Sound familiar?

Why is this happening?

The problem is that people don’t trust phone calls, especially from unknown numbers. 

The numbers support this:

  • 87% of people don’t answer calls from unknown numbers
  • 70% annual rise in the number of American falling victim to phone scams
  • 39% annual increase in the number of spam calls

Should I stop calling?

Not so fast. Calling isn’t dead if customers know and trust that you are the one calling them. Here are four tools to help you put trust back into your calls:

  1. Mislabeling Removal - The carrier algorithms aren’t perfect! Phone calls are being mislabeled as “Spam Risk”, “Scam Likely”, etc. You need to have your phone numbers properly registered, monitored, and have the mislabeling removed. Even phone numbers already in use can be easily remediated.

  2. Branded Caller Id - You can display your company name on outbound calls so the callee knows who’s calling. Receive detailed answer rate reports from the carriers on your calling campaigns.

  3. Verified Call - Your calls will appear with a verified checkmark on the phone’s display screen and call log. Letting the callee know that the call is from a trusted source and not being spoofed.

  4. Caller Display - Take call branding to the next level and display your logo and reason for calling, where supported. 

Gain trust and increase answer rates

Getting someone to answer a call is all about trust and timing. Customers using these tools have seen their answer rates increase by over 200%. Reach out today to earn back the trust necessary to get people to answer your calls!

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