The Perfect Telesales Script

Our lead gen series continues with tips and tricks on developing a strong telesales script that will improve your call agents' conversion rate.


We’ve got two simple questions that are likely to generate very complex answers. 
  • What constitutes a successful outbound telemarketing script?
  • What elements go into creating the perfect script?

Unfortunately, the cold call is one of the most difficult parts of lead generation for most sales teams. It can be difficult to capture and hold someone’s attention (we have an Internet of things at our disposal, after all!) so when you’ve got them on the line, you have to act quickly and efficiently.

First, let’s tackle what constitutes a successful telesales touch point.

You can have the best outbound script in the world, but you also need to do your due diligence when building a list. So, know your industry, know your buyers, but also, be realistic and analyze your past results so you can optimize your next campaign. Keep in mind that the best scripts only convert about three to 15% of your prospects.

You should also build your script around your staff. The guy selling $100,00 a year to CEOs has a very different skill set than the guy sitting next to him making $8/hour. Consider tying your telemarketing script into the hiring process, or ask the team to help you craft the perfect one - it is for them, after all.

In telesales, the prospects on the other end of the phone “receive” a message and will act according to what they hear. Consider creating an outline script or “needs-based” grid in order to further define your prospect base. What will motivate them to say yes? What are the two or three acceptable answers at the end of the call? How can you use the script to help gently guide the prospect to do what they want to do? Wherever the prospect goes, the script should follow.

Now, let’s talk elements

Write in a natural voice. Try “writing like you talk” and then record it, play it back and evaluate. Listen to the way it sounds, because if you lead with something too “sales pitchy,” your prospect will likely feel defensive and become reluctant to speak with you any further. Open with a conversation like you would with any other stranger and encourage them to engage with you. 

Avoid the hard sell. Nobody likes the aggressive pickup artist at the local watering hole, so do yourself a favor and avoid that technique entirely. If you come on too strong, your prospect might feel intimidated or doubt your credibility. Instead, build interest that includes key details about your company, your products, any differentiators and the value that it has provided to other customers.

Build in qualifying questions. Do your research! Even if your lead came from the sales pipeline and you obtained the standard information, knowing additional details about the market and that prospect’s wants and needs can only help you. This adds tremendous benefit by ensuring that the prospect you have on the other side of the phone is, in fact, interested and qualified. Plus, it makes the call more conversational and encourages the prospect to again, engage with you. 

Keep it short and simple. The people on your prospect list are busy (aren’t we all?), so you only have a few seconds to snag their attention AND gain their trust. Choose words at a 7th grade level or below, avoid long sentences and deliver short, memorable and valuable chunks of information.

Armed with the perfect sales script, chock-full of reliable input from management and your sales team, your outbound calling strategy will be more effective and more importantly, lead-focused. 

What are some successful tips you’ve implemented into your telesales script? Share in the comments below!


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