Sales vs. Marketing

When companies fail to hit revenue numbers, the blame game starts. Instead, use Trusted Calling and make them both winners!

Sales: Hey, have you noticed that we aren’t getting as many new clients lately?

Marketing: Yeah, I have noticed that. It’s been slow the past few months. What gives?

Sales: Well we could use some more leads. Hint, hint

Marketing: More leads huh? We keep delivering more and more leads. How about you…


☝️ Sound familiar anyone? 

While these conversations can be healthy, too often they go sideways with each department blaming the other for revenue shortfalls.

Sadly, these conversations are happening more and more lately. Do you know why? 

It isn’t because of changes in lead quality.

It isn’t because workers are being lazy.

It isn’t because your product or service isn’t needed.

It isn’t because of the economy.

The root cause of this conflict, the reason sales teams want “More and more leads”, is because it is getting more and more difficult to get in contact with leads!

Leads are scared to answer the phone because of the number of scams out there. And too often regulators are being overly aggressive in mislabeling honest business phone numbers as “SPAM Likely” and such. (This is even happening at one of the top 3 largest carriers!)

So is it time to throw in the towel? Or time to spend more and more money to acquire more leads?


The solution is to get more leads to answer their phone! Here are 5 simple ways to do just that:

🚨 Monitor and remove mislabels like "SPAM Likely" from your phone numbers

🐇 Call inquiries back faster

👋 Display your business name on the caller id

⏳ Call people back at the right time of day based on their schedule and area

🛑 Avoid calling bad phone numbers

Avoid the sales versus marketing fight. Let Ytel help you improve your answer rates and create a win-win!

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