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    Contact Center Agent Best Practices

    With such a high percentage in mind, it's crucial that contact center managers understand the importance of training their agents to be mindful of the customers they’re speaking with, and in turn, being lead-focused!

    Agent Responsibilities

    As an agent, the responsibilities vary from outbound and inbound calls to troubleshooting problems, handling complaints, providing information, soliciting orders, and conducting follow-ups. Each agent has a particular set of responsibilities, the most important of these being to successfully nurture and close leads. 

    Your customers and leads rely on call agents to provide the know-how, and to guide them through the sales process smoothly and efficiently, while remaining an advocate for their needs and not pushing a hard sell before the lead is ready. 

    Create Accessibility 

    Maintain a sales pipeline and schedule of sales agents and support services who work cohesively around the clock means never losing a potential customer to a competitor. Ensure that your leads are able to connect with someone at all times, which fosters the invaluable feeling of trust that helps when protecting and growing your business. 

    Instant Gratification

    The quicker you connect with a lead, the faster you can expedite the sales process. A prompt reply to a lead has been proven to result in a speedy close. Train your sales team in the art of thorough, yet eager conversations that center around your product or service. Ensure that your agents are contacting their leads quickly so you don’t lose a sale due to a loss of interest.

    Be a Know-It-All  

    Coach your agents with a script template that prepares them and educates them down to the most minute details of the product or service they’re selling, while still remaining interesting and conversational. An overly-informative or automated script is likely to lose a fair amount of leads. Which leads us to our next point!

    Encourage Authenticity

    Nobody appreciates being pitched to over the phone from a wordy script. It’s impersonal and boring. Promoting authentic conversations and relationships increases the likelihood of winning a lead. Providing lead conversion templates for sales agents is a comprehensive way to follow these guidelines, while still maintaining a personal conversation. This way, everybody wins. 


    Conducting a follow-up phone call is vital in lead generation to ensure that sales efforts are being acknowledged. The agent must convey the value of the service to the lead, through a process called lead nurturing. Providing additional information, materials, and demos are an integral part of nurturing. Simultaneously, however, the agent must be able to read the situation and comprehend if the caller is annoyed or being oversold.

    In a multi-faceted industry like telecommunications, sales agents must prioritize particular actions in order to successfully convert more leads to buyers. A few lessons in customer service and best practices will have your agents converting happy and well-nurtured leads in no time. 

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