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    Be a Better Contact Center Manager

    Change comes in fluid motions and forces you to re-adjust, re-evaluate, and repair. It's a great, natural opportunity for the leadership roles in your business to step up their game and make some solid improvements. Read on for some tips on ways your contact center managers can amp up their role, provide new value and insight to your business, and best of all... motivate your team! 2016_04_manager.jpg

    Lead by Example

    Leading a team is a big responsibility, and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. As a manager, understanding that your team will pick up the habits and tendencies that you exhibit, and the ones you allow. Therefore, you should be exhibiting the qualities you want your agents to have, and those should be the ones you hire, too. 

    Understand Ops, Top to Bottom

    Knowing the in's and out's of your business model, operations, terms, policies and everything in between will make you an incredibly valuable resource for your agents, and will save a huge amount of time in handling customer issues, open tickets, and closing deals. 

    Provide Targeted Coaching

    Giving your agents the support and training they need to be successful is an absolutely essential part of your role as a manager. Set aside time with each agent to review, train, and coach as necessary. Maintain an open door policy wit h your team, and make them feel comfortable about asking questions when they arise.


    Take it back to the basics by handling some outbound calls, dialing, and assisting with various campaigns. If you're managing agents but you've never worked as an agent, there will be a lot more to learn than you think. Prepare yourself to be a supportive, knowledgeable manager by getting your hands dirty on the dialer. 

    Stay Involved

    We mentioned earlier that maintaining an open-door policy for your team will only lead to more communication and more deals won. No harm can come from being more available, especially if it benefits your business! Make it a weekly goal to get involved with a customer issue, have weekly meetings with agents, and stay involved on the floor so you can help resolve issues quickly and efficiently. 

    Arm Your Agents

    Arm your agents with the best software, technology and support your business can afford, and let them go to work. One of the biggest mistakes an organization can make is not supporting their call agents with everything they need to provide support, close deals and be successful.

    Value Team Feedback

    The feedback provided by your team is a huge asset to your business. Feedback, even if it's negative, is a great resource for growth and change. Feedback from your agents, who are in the trenches every day, is incredibly valuable, as they resolve issues, sell products and services, and have more first-hand knowledge on customers than anyone else in the company.

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