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    Conversational Messaging: Causing marketing, sales & support lines to blur

    Real-time messaging has the power to build relationships and create authentic experiences with your audience, simply by existing on the channel of their preference.

    The power of real-time conversations is something that all customer-focused businesses should be prioritizing in today's market. Customers and prospects are very transparent about what kind of communication they prefer - and SMS is at the top of that list.

    Real-time SMS messaging has the power to build relationships and create authentic experiences with your audience, simply by existing on the channel of their preference. 

    Let's talk about the goals of your marketing, sales, and support departments.
    Do these sound familiar?


    1. Generate qualified leads for sales through impactful digital and traditional methods
    2. Build a strong brand and core values that resonate with your audience
    3. Nurture and maintain a subscriber list of followers who trust your business for information


    1. Push potential buyers through the sales process quickly
    2. Build rapport with current customers over time
    3. Extend sales reach by penetrating new markets and industries


    1. Work with customers to achieve their business goals through exploratory conversations
    2. Resolve problems and issues in real-time with customers and their staff 
    3. Establish internal Support as a positive, reputable resource for customers


    All three of these departments have one major thing in common: interaction with prospects and customers. Because of this commonality, conversational messaging is an ideal strategy for businesses who are customer-focused and fueled by building real relationships with their audience. 

    Let's dive deep on how each department can use two-way SMS messaging effectively.

    Marketing Use Case
    - Engage with leads through messaging instead of via form fills. Get additional information on their role, what brought them to your website or landing page, and better insight into what they're looking for. What will this bring? Higher conversion rates and a more personal and positive experience! 

    Sales Use Case 
    - Shorten the typical sales cycle by making it easier for people to engage with your business by messaging directly with a salesperson via SMS or in-app messaging. Messaging in real-time allows for a faster exploratory process  instead of forcing leads to wait to be enrolled into a nurture campaign, receive follow-up emails, and schedule a call. Then what? Convert more of the best quality leads faster.

    Support Use Case
    - Save time and resources by gathering information more effectively and solving customer issues faster. Conversational messaging used by customer service teams will ultimately connect Support departments with customers faster, and improve the experience of contacting a company. We all know how painful that can be. 

    How will the departments in your business use conversational messaging? Leave us a comment!  
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