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    Customer Culture: Does Your Business Measure Up?

    The day-to-day culture of your company influences the way employees communicate with customers - whether good or bad.

    What’s the Buzz on Customer Culture?

    Customer culture boils down to two key elements:

    • How your employees treat customers
    • How your company treats the employees who serve the customers

    A company with a poorly conceived customer culture may only value their customers, but disregard extending that same value to those who serve them - the employees. Company culture and customer culture go hand-in-hand. Empower employees to ultimately make customers the stars!

    Looking to make your customers AND employees fall in love with your company again? Consider how your business measures up with a few quality components of a positive customer-focused culture…

    Ultimate Customer Culture Goals

    1. Purpose, People Purpose
    Purpose-driven behavior should lead employees actions, inspire them to go outside of their basic job duties or daily to-do list.

    2. To Infinity… and Beyond
    Employees use creativity and energy to go beyond the minimum; actions that prove a truly irreplaceable customer-first mentality. Encourage employees to think like entrepreneurs with a desire come up with fresh new ideas and push the limits, approaches, and techniques to get work done successfully.

    3. Next Stop, Innovation Station
    A genuine eagerness to innovate on behalf of the customer to improve overall customer experience. Employees should learn from use cases and possess an eagerness to share best practices and techniques that help the life better for all customers

    4. YES Please
    No matter what the need of the customer, employees are anticipating to respond positively to customers and with a yes!

    As employees are the ones who communicate with customers on the daily, it’s all the more important to carefully select, onboard and train the right employees who truly value contributing to the customer culture your business is nurturing.

    Bottom Line: When employees come in the office driven with purpose, and a genuine desire to innovate and learn, this positivity and passion for the company are ultimately poured into their conversations with customers.

    It’s never too late to dial in and change up your business’ customer culture. If it doesn’t resemble the above, check out some additional tips for top-notch customer service and instilling positivity in the workplace to get your business on the way to a poppin’ company AND customer culture.New Call-to-action