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    Customer Experience Channels You Might Be Neglecting

    Some communication channels that get overlooked are actually extremely potent tools for improving customer experience. Here are 5 that you should seriously consider.

    Here are a few that you should seriously consider.

    Text messaging (SMS)

    In the world of digital marketing, companies often make the mistake of assuming that newer is better. There’s some truth to it when it comes to buzz, because there is significant value in being among the first to target a rising platform, but it certainly isn’t true in general. SMS messaging is a prime example of this — despite having been around for decades, it remains a viable communication and marketing channel.

    What makes it so robust? Well, it’s available from even the most outdated phone, works in areas with phone signals far too low to achieve data connections, and gets attention in a way that one of several hundred social media notifications can’t. Since people most commonly use SMS messaging for interacting with friends and family members, they’re less guarded when dealing with this tech. Your message is much more likely to be seen, making it ideal for updates.

    Ringless voicemail (RVM)

    It gets a bad rap because it’s often used by scammers, but ringless voicemail can be effective if used well (and not to target vulnerable people). There are two keys to making it work: firstly, you need to only send it to people who’ve agreed to receive it, and secondly, you need to make sure it’s sufficiently valuable to be worth their time.

    Bear in mind that it isn’t a great cold marketing tool, but it is an excellent support update tool. Let’s say there’s been a development with a support ticket, and you want the customer to know as quickly and efficiently as possible, but you also want a nice personal tone. Leaving a friendly voicemail letting them know how things are going is a great way to go, and it’s easy to implement, even if you have zero understanding of programming.

    Facebook Messenger

    Why Facebook of all social media channels? It’s simple: the reach, plus the ease of the messaging platform. Billions of people use Facebook every month, and PPC options are remarkable: you can get extremely niche with your targeting. Using a combination of ads and content marketing, you can build up a decent Facebook audience, then start messaging.

    You can interact with people directly through your business Facebook account, of course, but that’s not the only viable approach — particularly if you’re running an e-Commerce store. Integrations and add-ons (Shopify’s popular store CMS has add-ons like Facebook Live Chat, for instance) allow you to provide a live chat window connected to your Facebook account. That way, you can field queries from your site and your Facebook page interchangeably.

    VoIP calling

    It’s common for a company to have a phone support line, but not everyone likes using their phone for calls. VoIP, or voice over IP, is far more common these days through tools such as Skype (which brought the technology into the mainstream), Google Hangouts, or FaceTime — and if your customers happen to prefer those platforms over using their phones, why not take advantage of that by reaching out to them that way?

    VoIP calls are often cheaper, more convenient (you can use a regular computer if you’d prefer, or stick with a smartphone), and easier to sync with broader support systems. For instance, if you wanted to automate speech-to-text records of your customer support calls, the ease of recording and strong overall quality of VoIP would make it a superior choice.

    Providing the best customer experience sometimes requires you to get unconventional with your approach and consider some different channels. Each of these 5 channels is a strong option, so why not try one or all of them? You might just find that they greatly improve the perception of your business.

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