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    How Technology is Helping Customer Experience

     When all else is equal, customer service makes the difference in the success of a business. There have been many incredible recent innovations in technology, specifically geared towards maximizing the value in customer experience. In this post, we're discussing various technologies that play their part in customer relations, and how it affects the market as a whole. 


    If the following technologies continue to drive innovation in customer relations, the entire market wins!

    CPaaS Service

    There is nothing more frustrating to a customer than the traditional customer service experience qualm of repeating a claim over and over again to two or three different agents while being bounced around the company extensions. However, creating a fully integrated service with shared data in the cloud keeps the lines of communication open between departments, regardless of which communication avenue the customers choose to engage with.

    Big Data Personalization

    As companies scale, they are still required to provide personal service that would not be possible without the personalized analysis that big data provides. The more this information is leveraged, the more that companies can personalize lists of customers without having to spend additional money or manpower to do so.

    Big data also allows companies to build long term relationships by analyzing relevant trends. Companies can anticipate what customers will want in the future rather than simply reacting to bad news or customer complaints online.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting all of the attention, along with virtual reality, but AI allows for the automation of the data gathering process for a sales or customer service team. AI also allows companies to extract more information from each conversation with customers - agents no longer have to listen and write information down at the same time if the system is automatically picking up on buzzwords and direct recordings.

    Real Time Messaging

    The modern customer expects an authentic conversation about problems in real time. Big data insights combined with the information gleaned from artificial intelligence allows companies to leverage that valuable feedback. Customers can now engage when it’s comfortable for them. However, companies also need to make a holistic change in how they engage with customers.

    2016_07_techGIF.gifNot only do modern customers want immediate service, they want service through the channel of their preference. One of the most important new channels is the mobile messaging app, a phenomenon that has quickly become a critical channel for companies to integrate with.

    The companies that adopt this technology the fastest in terms of communication will be the ones with the engagement advantage in the future. Don't waste another minute! 

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