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    The Value of Voice in a Noisy World

    Personalized marketing is no longer on the brink, it’s here! Through multi-channel marketing, businesses tailor their marketing strategy to fit the needs of their customers, on any device or channel where they may exist. Simply put, any and all brand content that  customers interact with must be consistent everywhere; your website, social networks, in-store, over the phone, through a mobile app, or on any device.

    The Value of Brand Voice in Marketing


    Multi-channel marketing doesn’t flow smoothly unless you have a solid brand strategy in place. What do you want people to know and feel about your business? Start here. Then, you can begin to develop the brand’s voice and implement that style throughout your marketing strategy. If your messaging and branding aren’t consistent across every channel, your customers will notice. Gaining the trust of consumers means you have the power to evoke emotion through all on and offline channels, making sales and leads more achievable!

    Walk in Their Shoes

    A crucial aspect of customer experience is knowing exactly what the buying journey is like for your customers. These moments throughout the sales process, or “touch points” as we call them, affect the overall feel of your brand. Allocate your resources and maximize the flow throughout the customer experience. Test everything! Knowing what your customers are seeing, interacting with, and digesting gives you an inside look at how you can improve or modify.

    Measure What You Market 

    How will you ever know what’s working if you don’t analyze the data? Ensure that your channels are properly branded and the perspective is cohesive throughout the entire process by implementing various analytical tools on your website, via your social media channels, or simply by asking your customers. Identify the key journeys that your customers take when interacting with your brand through individual channels, and analyze your metrics according to where you’re seeing success and where you you need to focus more effort. 

    Audience Segmentation

    The most effective way to segment your audience is through analytics and marketing automation. Marketing automation tools help with building customer profiles and understanding the buyer’s journey throughout the various phases of the sales pipeline, all based on the demographic. Segmenting your audience will assist in building buyer personas, and alleviate the process of targeting groups that are too broad or somewhat irrelevant. Segmentation can also assist in lead nurturing and creating landing pages, as the content will target the audience type you’ve successfully segmented, instead of shooting in the dark. 

    Work as a Team

    Seems pretty basic, right? Not necessarily. If you are working cohesively with all the departments in your company, the end result should be highly refined data on each customer in your CRM. With this data, you can delve deeper into how users are interacting with your brand and the information you already obtained about them. In this phase of marketing, all hands on deck is the best strategy for success. Get the merchandising team, customer service and support agents, and even the product team involved in this phase.

    This may be a new term to you, but using a multi-channel marketing tactic will change the game for your business. Do you think this will be something your business starts implementing? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

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