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    VoIP Phone System Considerations

    While it can be overwhelming, implementing a VoIP phone system will do great things for your business. There are tons of software options available in the market today and you've got to do your research to find the best fit for your business. The first question out of the gate is simple: Where to start? Exploring what you need, and what departments need the most support, is a great starting point. Read on for some Q&A in researching, shopping around, and how to compare the best VoIP phone systems on the market.

    VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a phone service used over the internet. If your internet quality is decent, you can use VoIP technology to make calls using an Internet connection, instead of on your standard telephone line. The benefits of using VoIP are abundant, but they circle primarily around  cost savings, increased agent productivity, and overall increased flexibility and mobility.  

    Now that we've cleared that up, let's move through the initial questions you should be asking as you explore new phone systems.

    Q: What is my budget?

    Knowing your budget is essential in the process of shopping for a new phone system; the amount you've allocated for communication support directly affects what systems you'll have to choose from. Don't forget to factor in ongoing costs like maintenance, upgrades, and company growth. 

    Q: What system features are essential?

    Ask your team members what features they find most useful, no matter how big or small they may be. Perhaps it's call tracking, or agent live chat, or multi-list dialing. Ensuring the system you deploy has these features, or can custom build them, will be a great win for your employees because it shows you take their feedback seriously, and want to provide the best technology for them. 

    Q: What features on our current system cause headaches?

    Determine which features are flawed to your agents and, in turn, your business. Make it a point to inquire about these specifically, especially if you need those features to be highly functional for your bottom line. Don't invest in a system with the same flaws that your current one has. This should be an upgrade, after all. 

    Q: Can this system scale with my business?

    Smart business owners are always thinking beyond right now and planning for the future. When selecting a system, make sure it has scalability that can endure the growth and change your business will experience in the years to come, in terms of system functionality, cost, and support.

    Q: What kind of support is offered?

    Most phone system providers employ a support team who handle all their customer needs, from agent training to troubleshooting issues and everything in between. Many businesses outsource support to overseas establishments, while others, like Ytel, employ totally US-based Support teams

    With questions prepared and a solid understanding of what your business and team need, you will find that researching your options is something that can be done without needing to jump through too many hurdles or headaches. The answer will be clear when you've found the right system. Good luck!

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