Programmable APIs make it easy to add SMS & voice communication capabilities to applications

Adding voice and SMS communication capabilities to your applications plays an important role in creating an optimal customer experience - we discuss how in this blog post.

Adding voice and SMS communication capabilities to your applications plays an important role in creating an optimal customer experience.

Recent research shows that nine out of every ten consumers want to communicate with businesses by text. Programmable APIs make it easy for organizations to add SMS and voice capabilities to applications, increasing speed to market and supporting superior customer engagement.

Rather than dealing with the cost and complexity of external networks, hardware, and carriers, thousands of companies, programmable APIs can be used to facilitate the addition of voice and SMS capabilities for a number of valuable use cases, including:

  • Conversational SMSBuild rapport by facilitating person-to-person conversations through text, including international numbers for more than 40 countries
  • Click to call Enable embedded calling from applications or web browsers to make calls faster
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) Build an IVR system to easily route calls using key tones and speech recognition
  • Notifications and alerts Automate SMS and voice notifications for password resets, account balance, and bill reminders
  • Two-factor authentication Securely verify users by contacting them with SMS or voice codes
  • Call tracking Dynamically track call metadata to confidently attribute ROI for every marketing initiative
  • Reminders Reduce missed appointments by automating SMS and voice confirmations from a CRM or reservation system
  • Call transcriptionTurn call recordings into actionable insights for training purposes and compliance safeguards

Here at Ytel, we’re dedicated to helping you minimize the effort required to build advanced communications applications that drive customer engagement. Increasing customer engagement is proven to translate into higher customer lifetime value (CLV).

We make it easy to add communication channels that can readily scale. Our programmable APIs are easy to deploy, with limited development, and without the need for telecom and messaging engineering expertise. That way your team can focus less on communication technology and more on building valuable customer engagement.  

  • Our programmable SMS API lets you send and receive text messages from local and toll-free phone numbers, dedicated short codes, and international numbers.
  • You can also add voice capabilities directly into your applications, including:
    • Phone
    • Voicemail
    • Ringless voicemail
    • Call tracking
    • Transcriptions
    • Conference calls

With Ytel, your organization can now send and receive SMS messages with international numbers from more than 40 countries around the world. Our team is extremely well-versed in compliance and can help you build an engagement flow that complies with carrier and regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Contact us today to learn more about how programmable APIs can enrich your applications.

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