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    10 Steps to Spend Less Time Selling and More Time Dialing (Yes, You read that right :)

    10 Ways to Sell Less and Dial More

    Sure, the title of this article is pretty silly. I mean, who really wants to spend more time dialing? Who wants to sell less? But over the years I’ve found that many businesses sell less because they haven’t taken the time to sit back and consider everything that is making their sales process less efficient.

    So here are 10 ways to sell less and dial more (to be more inefficient):

    1. Don’t use call tracking software to gauge which advertising sources are bringing in the best leads. Okay, maybe you should pay for call tracking, but don’t check conversion rates to determine which sources are actually bringing in qualified leads.
    2. Wait a few hours to call new leads. Give them the cold shoulder and plenty of time to find someone else to do business with.
    3. Call using area codes the lead is completely unfamiliar with. Like from another state all together. Don’t use toll-free numbers or ones local to the area as the lead’s phone number. Confusion is your friend.
    4. Make sure agents can only manually dial out on each lead. Not only will this slow them down, but it also increases the chance of an error.
    5. Leave it up to your agents to figure out what to say every time they leave a voicemail. This flexibility will extend call time even more.
    6. Delay responding when somebody answers. Also, consider adding a beep sound or have an echo in the background. It gives leads a reason to hang up.
    7. Ignore inbound text messages. You don’t want to know when it would be best to call back or if they have a preference to chat via text.
    8. Rent phone numbers that are flagged as SPAM Likely. You don’t want people thinking you have something of legitimate value to offer them when you call.
    9. Don’t clean or even segment your data. Let agents figure it out on the fly.
    10. Never follow up with your leads using other channels like text or email. Only call them.

    Bonus: Don’t worry if your software or processes prevent agents from working at home. Because who really needs to be able to do that!

    Okay, I really think you should avoid all of these. You know you should avoid all of these. But I get it, your current software likely doesn’t solve all of these problems, if any. You may also be having a hard time convincing others that it is worth spending the effort to solve these problems.

    If you'd like some help becoming more efficient at selling, then contact one of our experts today. They’ll help walk you through some options and get you selling more, dialing less!