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    The Contact Center Shift Towards Conversational Interactions

    If your contact center is on the brink of integrating with an SMS platform to power more interactions, read on for a few touch points that will make using SMS a no-brainer for your business.

    There's no doubt about it - messaging is the future for service and support departments. Consumers are vocal about the fact that they want more than traditional methods of communication; waiting on hold, sending emails and waiting hours or days for a response, filling out a form and waiting for a call back - while these methods are still commonly used, they aren't producing the five star customer service rating that businesses want to see in a digital age. 

    1. Immediate responses 

    Allowing customers to text your call center changes everything about the current landscape of contact centers. You can respond instantly using an automated response, and call customers back as soon as it’s their turn. Combatting wait times and "on hold" messages will improve the customer experience astronomically, and help your team solve issues faster with less pressure to rush through the process.

    2.  Team Productivity 

    Agents can host multiple text conversations at once, when demand is high and there are a myriad of customers on the line. This will also prevent burnout for your agents because their tasks vary, from phone to text to email, preventing them from ever getting maxed out on any one channel. Happy agents = happy customers, and that's what we all want at the end of the day.

    3. Lower business costs

    Pivoting from costly voice and email channels to a self-service method of SMS will reduce your costs both operationally and from an infrastructure point of view. Investing in agents who are wholly capable with SMS is obviously necessary, but an investment worth making for a long-term approach to customer service. 

    4. Customer-first approach to business 

    If you're reading this, the importance of prioritizing customer satisfaction is not lost on you. We already know that consumers have made it clear that SMS is their preferred channel to communicate with businesses. Existing where your customers do is not only a smart approach for businesses, but it promotes newer technology and innovation. Be a part of the SMS revolution, and add it to your contact center arsenal today! 

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