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    Industry Guide: How Non-Profits Can Use Voice

    Engagement with your community drives the success of your organization’s mission… but how do you stand out and boost engagement from your members?

    Let's discuss how using the phone can achieve all of this for your nonprofit organization. 

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    Simple phone campaigns, like reaching out to past donors to provide updates on the latest events and goals, is a powerful way to use your voice. It also has great return - Donors who were called donated 39% more the next time they were solicited. After 14 months, those called were giving 42% more.


    Have board members reach out to donors to thank them for their donation. Building that rapport with current donors will increase their chances of promoting your nonprofit to friends and family, attending events in the community, and raising more funds. You can easily provide a list to board members, write a high level script for reference if they need it, and send them on their way. 


    Gather your list of event attendees and have staff reach out to get a general feel for how the event went. It can be a simple phone call asking if they'd be willing to do an over the phone survey, or you can email them a follow-up survey for a more detailed response.

    Relevant feedback from trusted sources is an important step in strategizing future campaigns, improving structural and workflow issues, and increasing support from current and future advocates. 


    Fundraising over the phone is popular because it's an effective strategy; you can really get your message across by selling the cause, goals, what you'll use the money for and how it'll positively impact the community or members.  

    One study found that staff calling to encourage event participants increased pledge donations by 400%.


    Let's say your organization is new to the area, or targeting a new group of people. What better way to introduce yourselves and your mission than reaching out directly to locals? Outreach is easy with an opted in list, an easy to follow script, and some motivated volunteers. 

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