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    6 Reasons Why SMS is the Answer for Customer Service Teams

    There's a lot to be said about customer service within a business - they truly have the hardest job in the building, and if there's a way to placate some of that stress, they would surely be grateful. Let's talk about the power of SMS for customer service and support teams! 

    How can CSR or Support teams use SMS to improve the entire customer experience? 

    1. Get to the 'problem solved!' quicker 

    When agents are able to chat quickly with a customer via text message, the entire setting, from start to finish, is quicker and more efficient. Quick problem solving capabilities is a highly valued trait for businesses in a consumer's eyes - join the revolution! 

    2. Build trust and rapport

    Once a customer interacts with an agent and has a positive experience, a foundation of trust is established with your business. Think of all the times you had a bad experience working with a company's customer service - your opinion was tarnished forever, and in some cases, they lost your business entirely. 

    Combat this from happening by teaching agents everything they need to know about your product or service, promote strong customer service skills, and encourage agents to learn from every interaction, whether good or bad. 

    3. Reduce wait times

    In a traditional call center or other business setting, customer service calls can only be handled one at a time. Your agents aren't magicians - they can't talk to multiple customers at once over the phone (but if they can, we'd love to hire them!)

    SMS removes the headache of wait times almost entirely - because there's no verbal communication involved, CSR agents can have multiple SMS conversations going simultaneously. This removes the issue of wait times and boosts agent productivity! 

    4. Support customers from anywhere

    With SMS, these conversations can happen naturally and anywhere in the world. Whether in a meeting, on an airplane or traveling, or they're simply unable to talk on the phone... text messaging is the easiest alternative and it doesn't inconvenience anyone involved. 

    5. Get honest customer feedback

    Once the issue has been solved and you're wrapping up the conversation, ask if they'd be willing to complete a quick survey about their experience. Send them a quick URL to a feedback survey or have them rate the conversation easily within the text conversation. 

    6. SMS is where your customers prefer to communicate - so join them!

    According to eWeek, 52% of the respondents to a HeyWire Business customer support preference study said they'd likely text with a customer support rep. 52% would also prefer to text a customer support rep over their current preferred mode of communication. 

    SMS can support so many departments of a business in the best ways - why not add it to your company's arsenal?  Click below to learn more about Ytel's SMS offering for you.
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