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    Looking to Boost your Hiring Process? Try SMS.

    While contacting job candidates via text is still considered a non-traditional approach to recruiting, it can totally transform the entire process for everyone involved. 

    Did you ever think you'd see the day where you apply to a job and hear from the company's recruiter via text message? It's definitely a newer concept that most people are still getting used to, but SMS for recruiting is really beneficial for both parties. 

    While contacting candidates via text is still considered a non-traditional approach, it can totally transform the entire process. 

    Why recruit Via text? 

    1. The simplicity 
    Not only is SMS the most widely preferred channel of communication for consumers, it's also incredibly easy to use. Since smartphones aren't leaving our sides anytime soon, being able to communicate back and forth with a candidate is quick and easy. 

    2. Powerful response rate
    98% of text messages are opened and 90% are read in the first 3 minutes. With numbers like that, you'd be a fool NOT to text your candidates! Sending a quick text and having a near guarantee that the recipient will read it is a recruiter's dream come true. 

    3. Happy candidates = happy new hires 
    If your hopeful hire is pleased with how the process goes, they're much more likely to accept the job! Think about the last time you applied for a job. Was the communication process smooth? Did you hear from the recruiter with updates on the role or a simple follow-up? Communication is key to finding the right candidate and hiring them before someone else does. 


    1. Ask discovery questions via text when candidates apply, providing more information as to why they are a fit and worth an initial phone interview.

    2. Save time by automatically sending text reminders leading up to the interview.

    3.  Create an opt-in list of candidates and skills sets so that you can notify them when new reqs open that fit their experience, if the initial job interview didn't work out in their favor.


    1. Make your introduction to the candidate via text. This comes off as lazy and unprofessional. First intro should always be over the phone, no exceptions!

    2. Spam your candidates (once they've opted in to receive your texts) with job after job posting or irrelevant promotional messages. 

    3. Do your initial screening process via text, including asking lengthy and detailed questions about their experience, work history, education, etc. These are conversations that should be had over the phone or in person, never via text. 

    4. Send interview assignments via text. If the department manager wants them pushed through to the next round and there's an assignment attached, be sure to communicate that in person or via email. 

    With the right software and the right strategy, recruiting the best possible candidates for your company can be done efficiently and effectively through text messages.
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