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    Workflow Webinar May 27th at 11am PST

    Popular integration powerhouse Zapier recently added new communications capabilities to its marketplace with Ytel API.

    Join our Workflow webinar on
    Thursday, May 27th @ 11 am PDT

    What’s Workflow?
    A customizable software solution that allows you to automate your customers’ journey.

    Who needs Workflow?
    Anyone whose customer journey includes:

    • Slow response times
    • Lack of follow-up/nurturing
    • Unresponsiveness

    Or if you have you ever wanted to:

    • Automatically send event reminders
    • Get people to participate in your contest or raffles
    • Improve customer/membership engagement using SMS
    • More effectively gather information about customers or members
    • Route leads or data between system more effectively
    • Automatically nurture leads
    • Reply to customers who reach out when you are unable to respond. Like after hours
    • Run re-engagement campaigns that actually get responses
    If any of the above rings true, or if you simply want to hear stories about other companies dramatically improving their performance using Workflow, then join our webinar on Thursday, May 27th @ 11 am PDT. Experts will be discussing the benefits of using the product and show you how you can get started building your own customer journeys within your Ytel account.
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