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How to Scare Away Potential Customers

Treating potential customers the right way is crucial to closing deals and maintaining a positive reputation for business reasons.

Building a book of business is a difficult and delicate process. With a million different things that could derail a successful sell, it is extremely important to make sure your process is seamless. A perfect process is useless if you’re creating hurdles for potential customers or scaring them away with your approach. By taking a step back and looking at your process with open eyes, you may notice that you fall victim to some of these negative practices. We've highlighted a few actions to avoid... Read on!

Hold off on rolling out the red carpet

When pursuing a lead, treat them with the same care that you would once they become a customer. Make them feel special or wanted, instead of just another fish in the sea. This may take more time and attention than usual, but it will increase your success rate.

The mindset that you will work harder for them once they start to pay you is a dangerous mindset to have. If their experience starts off less than impressed, they will assume more of the same for future endeavors, and probably won't want to do any business with you.

Give them separation anxiety

As shocking as it sounds, some clients may shy away due to the amount of communication they receive. Don’t overload them with constant contact, but make sure they know you’re there, working on building a relationship for the future. If you neglect potential customers, they will find someone else who will take care of them.

Become too pushy

The opposite of being M.I.A. with potential customers is acting like a crazed fan. Don’t bombard them with a million “update” or “checking in” emails. They have a job to carry on with, in addition to the pending business they have with you. Checking in every once in a while is a great idea, but overwhelming them with communication is a great way to push them away.

Paint an unclear picture

If you can’t clearly portray your value to potential customers, you have no chance of closing the deal. Being unable to answer questions about your product or service is also a big red flag. If you can’t explain it, how do you expect them to understand it?

Be tardy, disorganized or disheveled

These are all early indicators to potential customers that doing business with you may not be wise. If you can’t stay on top of your own business, how do you expect them to trust that you can handle theirs? Be on time, if not early, to convey that you're committed to your work. 

Stink of desperation

Like blood in the water, potential customers can smell your desperation a mile away. If you are hard-pressed to close a deal, it will show. You want potential customers to know that you want their business, but you don’t want it to seem like your success depends on it.


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