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Sales & Marketing

Voicemail Best Practices for Sales

Is it worth my time to leave a voicemail? If I do leave a voicemail, what should I say? Sales teams often ask these questions and we have the answers!

Sales & Marketing

Building Trust in Phone Calls

People don't answer calls from unknown phone numbers and scammers have scared people from answering. But don't lose hope, branded calling can help!

Sales & Marketing

How to Scare Away Potential Customers

Treating potential customers the right way is crucial to closing deals and maintaining a positive reputation for business reasons.

Sales & Marketing

Text Enable Your Business Phone Numbers

Businesses are leaving money on the table every day they host phone numbers that aren't SMS enabled. Don't lose your voice!

Sales & Marketing

A Guide to SMS Marketing in Real Estate

SMS marketing is a quick and easy form of communication that’s ideal for on-the-go real estate agents. With SMS marketing, real esate agents are able...

Sales & Marketing

Best Practices For Opt-Ins In Marketing Campaigns

Creating compliant short code opt-ins can be a challenge if you aren't following best practices put in place by the TCPA & FCC. We're here to help!

Sales & Marketing

Short Code vs. Long Code: SMS 411

Short code and long code are two variations of SMS marketing that work for business. Read on for the most beneficial for your campaigns.

Sales & Marketing

Plan Your Social Content for the Quarter

Sharing a few tips to plan your social content for the quarter and set your social accounts and profiles up for success.

Sales & Marketing

10 Sales Podcasts Worth Downloading

Sales podcasts that share valuable information, tips and advice on the sales process that are worth turning into for tips, tricks and new trends!

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