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4 Answer Rate Obstacles

Overcome common call answering barriers: mislabeled "Spam Likely", scams, authentication issues, and anonymity.

Monthly Billing Updates

Starting June 1, 2023, we will be consolidating all recurring monthly fees to be charged on the first day of each month.

Sales vs. Marketing

When companies fail to hit revenue numbers, the blame game starts. Instead, use Trusted Calling and make them both winners!

Sales & Marketing

Voicemail Best Practices for Sales

Is it worth my time to leave a voicemail? If I do leave a voicemail, what should I say? Sales teams often ask these questions and we have the answers!

Answer rates

Traditional VS. Branded Caller ID

The difference between traditional versus branded Caller ID can make or break your sales efforts. Learn what the difference is and why it matters.

Sales & Marketing

Building Trust in Phone Calls

People don't answer calls from unknown phone numbers and scammers have scared people from answering. But don't lose hope, branded calling can help!


Workflow Webinar Recap

Ytel Workflow Webinar Recap. Learn how Workflow allows you to easily automate and optimize your customers’ journey


Perfect Your Outbound Dialing Strategy

We're talking about all the ways a predictive dialer can help bolster your outbound dialing strategy through reducing phone downtime and raising...


The Perfect Telesales Script

Our lead gen series continues with tips and tricks on developing a strong telesales script that will improve your call agents' conversion rate.

Sales & Marketing

How to Scare Away Potential Customers

Treating potential customers the right way is crucial to closing deals and maintaining a positive reputation for business reasons.


The 411 on Telephone Carriers

We want to educate businesses on what various telecom terms mean so they can fully understand the ins and outs of the industry and where their...

Sales & Marketing

Text Enable Your Business Phone Numbers

Businesses are leaving money on the table every day they host phone numbers that aren't SMS enabled. Don't lose your voice!

Sales & Marketing

A Guide to SMS Marketing in Real Estate

SMS marketing is a quick and easy form of communication that’s ideal for on-the-go real estate agents. With SMS marketing, real esate agents are able...


Regulatory Compliance Pros Outweigh The Cons

Although government compliance may seem like a hassle on the surface, consider the pros and cons of communications regulations for your business.

Sales & Marketing

Best Practices For Opt-Ins In Marketing Campaigns

Creating compliant short code opt-ins can be a challenge if you aren't following best practices put in place by the TCPA & FCC. We're here to help!

Sales & Marketing

Short Code vs. Long Code: SMS 411

Short code and long code are two variations of SMS marketing that work for business. Read on for the most beneficial for your campaigns.


6 Apps for Brainstorming & Creative Thinking

We're sharing a few mind mapping apps that foster brainstorming and creative thinking on the blog. If you're a writer or collaborator, this post is...

Customer Experience

Small Talk: Keeping your Customers Engaged

Ask.Ytel partner Call Criteria is sharing the ways to use small talk to your advantage on customer service phone calls by exploring deeper into the...


How JAWS Helps Visually Impaired Agents

A new feature in Ytel Contact Center allows the visually impaired to work more efficiently on computers with the assistance of the JAWS screen reader.

Sales & Marketing

Plan Your Social Content for the Quarter

Sharing a few tips to plan your social content for the quarter and set your social accounts and profiles up for success.

Sales & Marketing

10 Sales Podcasts Worth Downloading

Sales podcasts that share valuable information, tips and advice on the sales process that are worth turning into for tips, tricks and new trends!


ECaaS (Enterprise Communication as a Service)

Enterprise Communications as a Service (ECaaS) gives any large scale business the ability to communicate with the flexibility and immediacy of a SMB.

Customer Experience

Back to Basics: Customer Experience

Maintaining customer satisfaction and customer experience should be the top priority of any business as it directly relates to their success.

Customer Experience

Training Call Agents in Phone Etiquette

Discussing best practices in phone etiquette for contact centers and how to achieve exceptional call agent customer service.

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