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Text Enable Your Business Phone Numbers

Businesses are leaving money on the table every day they host phone numbers that aren't SMS enabled. Don't lose your voice!

Don't lose your voice; by SMS-enabling your business phone numbers, you're creating new opportunities to engage with customers and prospects!

Why do people hate calling businesses? Who really wants to wait on the line to get connected or feel the pressure of making a decision in the moment? 

Engaging in a conversation over the phone may not always be possible. Maybe they're at work and can't talk or prefer to text. 

With SMS, you’re communicating with customers on the channel of their preference, in a much more casual environment. 

When a phone number is SMS-enabled, it can field both phone calls AND text messages (inbound and outbound). Two forms of outreach from one phone number. What's more interactive than that? As SMS usage grows rapidly each year, more and more people are texting your business phone number, simply because they assume they can. 

Your business phone numbers are getting texts whether you know it or not.

  • Text messages have a 98% open rate, with 90% of those being opened within the first 3 minutes of delivery.
  • 64% of consumers think that businesses should communicate through texting more often

When it comes to closing deals, an immediate response is key. When you're interacting with prospects, keep in mind that those who are sent texts typically become customers at a rate 40% higher than those who are not sent any!

What does this mean? 

Don't leave money on the table by failing to interact with prospects and customers via SMS! 

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