A Guide to SMS Marketing in Real Estate

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In the fast-paced, rapidly-changing world as a real estate agent or broker, time is of the essence to seal the deal and hand over those keys to your anxious buyers. When you’re busy changing roles between negotiator, educator, salesperson, and the neighborhood guru, there’s rarely any time for the most important role: marketer. With SMS marketing, you not only save yourself valuable time, but you also provide an invaluable channel to effectively communicate with prospective buyers.

SMS marketing is a quick and easy form of communication that’s ideal for on-the-go real estate agents. Here's a deep dive into real estate marketing and SMS.

Let's Get Real With Real Estate Marketing

As a real estate agent, you simply don’t have time to waste on excessively calling potential buyers who are uninterested or waiting for them to check their email. Why miss out on a huge chunk of your potential market by limiting yourself to calls and emails only… especially when text messages lead to higher open and response rates than email alone? SMS marketing is a powerful tool that empowers leads to respond on their own time, all in a matter of seconds! Here’s to less time playing the waiting game and more time closing deals!


A Sunny Sunday Afternoon...

House-hunter Alisa drives by your newly listed property - it’s a beaut. She spots your rider with a designated short code number and custom keyword.

Alisa immediately whips out her phone and texts the number right away to get more information about the property and gets this message:

“Thanks for your interest in 94 Hillside: 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 2,000 sq ft.
Text this number for any questions, or to schedule a viewing. 
Click here for an online tour: https://bit.ly/example”

Alisa calls the number, books an appointment, and 2 months later, closes on her dream property.

Follow-Up Made Easy

Investing in a house is a life-changing decision that undoubtedly takes some time to close on a decision. As a realtor, your job is to make your buyers' decision as easy as possible… and this is where text automation is a perfect plan for success! Keep your property top of mind with pre-scheduled follow-up texts to continue the conversation with interested leads!



Optimize SMS Marketing With:

  • Keywords: Create a designated 6-digit keyword for each of your listings. When an interested lead texts that keyword, they’ll receive specific info for that property. For optimization, display these keywords on your riders, online listings, and social media posts.
  • Data Collection: With simple info like your leads’ first and last names, budget, and what cities they’re interested in, you’re more than prepared to make a deal.
  • Campaigns: Set up a series of texts to send to subscribers to an opted-in keyword.

Time to Make a Move

SMS marketing is a quick and easy form of communication that’s ideal for on-the-go real estate agents. With SMS marketing, agents are able to promote listings, reach leads, build out a contact list, and ultimately, generate more sales!

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