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    Leveraging SMS for a Small Business: 3 Benefits

    SMS for small business doesn't have to be intimidating. We're sharing a few powerful benefits to using text to communicate with customers and leads in a way that isn't pushy and is preferred by the consumer.

    The power of SMS needs no introduction - it's taken communication as we know it by storm and has revolutionized the way businesses interact with their customers, prospects, and any general audience. However, it often seems like you only hear about the use cases for SMS with large enterprises and corporations; there isn't as much focus on the the mom & pop small businesses around the country and how they can largely benefit from text message marketing. We're here to change that! 

    First off - Solving a Problem

    If your small business provides a service, like a dentist's office, nail salon, therapist,  or any other type of service-oriented business, you may agree that one of your biggest grievances is missed appointments. Whether customers forget to call and cancel or never show up at all, missed appointments can be frustrating and detrimental to profit. 

    SMS helps reduce missed appointments. A simple reminder via text about an upcoming appointment is an efficient way to notify your customer of the appointment and also allow them the opportunity to reschedule or cancel if they need to. This way, you're able to fill the spot on short notice and reschedule if necessary. 

    Next up - affordability 

    The biggest hesitation we run into for small businesses taking on a new marketing channel is almost always cost. What's my ROI with text messaging? How can I track my spend and allocate it back to new customers or sales? As a small business owner, you should be asking these questions! 

     The truth is, SMS marketing is very affordable, and may end up even saving you money in the long haul, particularly in comparison to other channels used. Depending on the provider you choose, the cost to send a text can vary from $.02 to $.04 per message. Check out our SMS pricing here.

    However, if you shop around and find a provider who will treat you more like a partner than a customer - the cost will matter, but what you gain as a company will be so much greater. Some providers offer a dedicated account manager to work with your business through the nuts and bolts - from set up to creating and launching campaigns, to creating the reports you need to prove ROI.  

    Finally, Personalization

    Marketing and personalization go hand in hand - the way you communicate with your audience matters. Personalized text messages makes a huge difference in a recipient deleting a text or taking a moment to read, click the link you included, and take whatever action you provide.

    Using a customer's first name is an easy way to make your campaign less automated and more targeted. If they've shopped with you before, sending texts with promotions based on their purchase history is another way to show you're paying attention to their interests. 

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