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    Voice Guides: Best Practices For Outbound Dialing In 2019

    Outbound dialing can be a brutal contact method to engage with and interest prospects. In this guide, we're sharing some tried and true tips, tricks, and best practices for your outbound agents to apply to their daily routine. 

    Consumers have changed drastically over the last decade or so, and when you factor in modern technology and communication methods, it's easy to see how the cold call is losing steam and seeing less success year over year. There are other channels on which to contact leads; less intrusive ways like SMS, that consumers are showing preference towards. 

    But that doesn't mean the cold call is dead! Outbound dialing remains a successful method of contact for prospects; however, there are a few necessary items that should be applied to your strategy before you launch an outbound voice campaign. 

    We're here to share what those are. Are you ready? Let's do this. 



    Key performance indicators (KPIS) are the bread and butter of any campaign your business launches. KPIs are pre-set, measurable values that will determine how effectively a company is achieving its key business objectives. 

    Common KPIs for outbound campaigns may include:
    • Average handle time
    • Conversion rate
    • First call close
    • Occupancy rate


    A massive part of the success of cold calling is the scripts your agents are using. 

    A successful script can assist your agents if they're unable to get their point across naturally and conversationally. We prefer talking points over a script, because agents are able to use their own words and the flow is much more organic for the agent AND the prospect. 

    When writing a script, get your agent's input on the talking points - after all, they're the ones who will be implementing it. You can also A/B test scripts to see which converts better, which feels more natural for your team, and which prompts a better response by your audience.  


    Ringless voicemail is a hugely successful outbound method of contact that isn't intrusive or annoying. We believe RVM is a hugely underrated marketing and sales power tool. 

    For example, drop RVMs to a distribution list to simplify your cold call prospecting. You won’t have to worry about calling at the right time or remembering the best parts of your pitch. Simply record a targeted message, complete with a call-to-action to incentivize a response, and save on the time lost leaving voicemails one at a time.

    There are some compliance guidelines for RVM, so be sure you're up to date on those before you jump in. 


    Focused, qualified leads increase your conversion rates by 20%. However, you may not always have warm leads! This begs the question... 

    Is cold calling dead?
    Conversion rates for cold calls are typically about 2%, compared to 20% for solid leads and 50% for referrals. The best way to combat these low conversion rates is through prospect research and preparation. Know their pain points, what they actually need, and nothing more. Preparation is your best friend with a list of cold contacts.  Otherwise, you're wasting valuable time. 

    When creating and launching outbound voice campaigns, there are a few important boxes to have checked to ensure optimal success. Last but not least is the voice provider you work with.

    Your provider should offer the following: 

    1. Making outbound calls on a network that guarantees the highest quality voice calling. 
    2. Receive and route inbound phone calls without worrying about carrier complexities.
    3. Record calls for quality control and tracking purposes.
    4. Transcribe voice calls to text to improve customer experience and internal productivity.
    5. Programmable audio conferencing to connect groups together on one phone call.
    6. Programmable IVR to improve self-service customer experiences and operational flow.

    Are you missing any of these offerings from your current voice provider? Click below and let's dive deeper into the goals of your voice campaigns!  New call-to-action